City Of Greeley

Sales and Use Tax

If you are interested in starting a business within the City of Greeley limits, then becoming familiar with the following information is vital for a successful application process. For more information or to fill out application, please download the following PDF's.

* Sales and Use Tax Application Packet - these forms are needed for anyone who wishes to do business within Greeley city limits. (Instructions are on the forms)

Medical Marijuana Sales/Dispensing in Greeley - this packet contains information, an application and other forms for selling medical marijuana in Greeley.

* Sales and Use Tax Return Form - this blank form is for reporting and remittance of Greeley sales and use tax.

Initial Use Tax Form - must be completed when an existing business is purchased from a previous owner, or when opening a new business.

* Lodger's Tax Form - there is a 3% tax levied on the purchase price paid or charged for lodging within the city.  Every vendor must file return and submit tax.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please call (970) 350-9733 or e-mail




You can also find more information at the Colorado Department of Revenue.