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Public Safety Event: Instalation of Free Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Greeley Fire Department, the American Red Cross, The Lauren Project, Extraction Oil & Gas, Northridge LULAC chapter, as well as several other volunteers from the City of Greeley and other unaffiliated volunteers partnered this weekend to install free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at the Friendly Village Mobile Home Park, located at 200 N. 35th Ave.  

These events take place several times a year in Greeley and are focused on insuring that Greeley residents are protected from the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.  The Red Cross provided smoke alarms and volunteers to educate citizens; The Lauren Project provided carbon monoxide alarms and volunteers to educate citizens; Extraction Oil & Gas provided funding to the Lauren Project to purchase the carbon monoxide alarms and personnel to install the alarms, as well as food and drinks for the event; Northridge LULAC provided translators to assist with any language barriers; and the Greeley Fire and other volunteers provided staff to install alarms as well as additional alarms and batteries as needed.  Approximately 40 people participated and installed 123 smoke alarms, 73 carbon monoxide alarms, and replaced hundreds of batteries in existing alarms.

This was an extremely important event because it provided essential life safety services to our residents.  The best way to survive a fire is to detect it early and evacuate.  Smoke alarms are a simple, cost effective way to accomplish this.  Because of the infrequency of major fires, many Americans have a false sense of security from fire.  However, it can strike anytime anywhere and is a real risk in every community.  Citizens should always remain aware of fire danger and take steps to protect themselves.

Furthermore, carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas than can be fatal.  Carbon monoxide is a gas that can be present wherever there is a flame producing device; i.e. gas water heater, gas furnace, gas oven/range, etc.  If installed and maintained correctly, these home appliances should vent any carbon monoxide gases outside of the home.  However, instances have occurred where these appliances and their venting devices are installed incorrectly, malfunction, or are not maintained properly and can cause a potentially fatal environment.  Again, carbon monoxide alarms are a simple and cost effective way for our citizens to protect themselves against the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Release Date:
Mar 14, 2017
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Contact: Engineer Greg Becker

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