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Greeley Bike Blog

Greeley Bike Blog

Bring a Friend

Spring is coming and the thought of dusting off my bicycle makes me downright giddy! Time to strengthen those legs with a few short trips to the store, casual trail rides and biking to work when weather allows. I love this time of year for its ability to provide me with a renewed perspective. My bike is always my go to place for stress management so let’s just say this little attitude adjustment is needed after a long winter. It’s that little thrill that my bicycle brings me that I want so desperately to share with others. How do we get our friends and family members to rediscover the joy of a bicycle ride? We all tend to be bit intimidating when we know a lot about something. I invite you to break some barriers and bring your friends and family along for the ride by considering a few simple do’s and don’ts.

· The only gear you really need for a good ride is a pair of shorts and some tennis shoes. When you bring your friend along leave your padded pants, Camelback and race jersey at home. Make them feel comfortable- not like a rookie! Expensive equipment out lays can be just enough of a deterrent to keep someone from re exploring their bicycle.

· Save your mad skills for another day. Intimidation is not the goal here. The goal is enjoy each other’s company and foster the type of fun that will hopefully lead to another outing and fewer solo rides for you!

· Avoid the word "easy". We say this to alleviate apprehension but its use devalues the accomplishment and can lead to a sense of failure.

· Don’t give too much advice. Just like with kids- the thrill of discovery is half of the fun.

· Offer to help them get their bike in safe, working order. If you’re handy, offer to take a look yourself. Recommend a bike shop where you know they will be treated well.

· Invite someone to ride along with you! If it’s their first time out in twenty years avoid the 10 mile push up hill. Select a casual route where they can get reacquainted with their bike. Program in some fun. A coffee shop stop or lunch along the way is just the ticket.

· Share information. Recommend a fun, yet casual organized ride. Point them in the direction of skill building classes and clinics. Offer to attend with them.

Sometimes, we all need a little encouragement. Make a choice to be the one to do the encouraging this year. If it has to be a competition, throw out a challenge to your bike friends. See who can help the most people extract their bicycles from the back of the garage this summer!

Peddle On!!!

Sarah Boyd