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Bicyclist   The Greeley Bike Blog

Tips for Bike Riding in Hot Weather

Hot weather can make normally pleasant rides more difficult, and really scorching weather can make you want to stay off the bike altogether. But that's not necessary when you use these simple ways to keep cool on your bike. You can beat the heat, stay safe, ride longer and still have fun.

1. Squirt Water on your Head

During hot weather riding, you can use your water bottle to squirt water on your head through the vents in your helmet every 15 minutes or so, which will really help cool you down. First, the water itself will be cooler than your head, and so that'll be an initial and immediate blast of temperature relief. Next, the evaporation effect will continue to help keep you cool as the water dries by carrying heat away from your body as you continue to ride.

Just make sure you have access to an adequate water supply that you can replenish as necessary as you ride. You certainly don't want to whoosh away your water by squirting it all on yourself, and then leave yourself with nothing to drink.

2. Wrap a wet Bandana around your neck

Wrapping a water-soaked bandana around your neck can do wonders to keep you cool. For maximum relief, you can go a step further and do what a guy I know does. He folded a bandana in half and stitched up two of the sides, leaving the third open. He'll shove that thing full of ice cubes and wrap it around his neck. Talk about an intense and lasting chill. And as the ice melts, the frigid water drips down your back and chest. Plus, that ice supply can be replenished as necessary, giving you a freeze that'll last all day.

3. Freeze Your Water Bottle Overnight

For colder water longer, consider freezing your water bottles overnight. The ice will melt as you ride, offering you cold water along the way, instead of the too warm stuff that's not so refreshing.

4. Wear the Right Clothes

Choose clothing that allows perspiration to evaporate quickly so that it can do its cooling job better. That's going to mean materials like cotton and silk are out since they absorb and hold on to sweat. Opt for "technical" fabrics instead, like spandex and lycra. If you don't want to look like a bike dork all decked out in this gear, you'll be glad to know that golf and tennis-style shirts are now made in technical fabrics, and you can buy UnderArmor-type shirts that look normal, feel comfortable and perform well.

Just remember, a little hot weather shouldn’t deter you for having a good time by hopping on a bike.

Also, the efforts to develop the Greeley Master Bicycle Plan are underway.  Please go to to see how you can participate.

Pedal On!!!

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