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2875 10th Street
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tel: (970) 350-9600
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hours: 24/7
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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division, commanded by a Captain of Police, is responsible for proactive and reactive efforts emphasizing protection of life and property, suppression of crime, enforcement of laws and ordinances, apprehension and prosecution of offenders and the safe, expeditious flow of traffic.

The Patrol Division consists of 3 watches who are responsible for police operations within the city of Greeley. This includes directed patrols toward prevention of criminal activity and traffic accidents, maintaining public order and the identification of hazards.

Traffic Enforcement and Accident Investigation

Traffic safety is an important concern of many Greeley residents and business people, and it is of equal concern to the Greeley Police Department. The traffic unit consists of seven officers, one community service officer, and one sergeant.

The purpose of traffic law enforcement is to reduce traffic accidents and injuries and to facilitate the safe and expeditious flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the public's voluntary compliance with traffic regulations. The traffic unit does this through a combination of education and enforcement.

Another function of the traffic unit is to investigate traffic accidents that occur within our jurisdiction boundaries. Depending on the severity, some traffic accidents may be investigated by patrol officers or community service officers (CSO's). Minor damage accidents may be reported at the front desk after the involved parties have exchanged information. The traffic unit will respond and are on call for the investigation of serious injury or fatal traffic accidents.

The traffic unity operates low profile marked patrol vehicles. The units are Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

Crash Unit
The traffic unit uses this vehicle at serious injury or fatal accidents. The crash unit has specialized equipment that the traffic investigators use at the accident scene. Also, this unit is used at motor carrier inspection checkpoints. Again, it holds all the specialized equipment needed to do these checkpoints.

Motorcycle Officers
The traffic unit has seven Harley Davidson FLHTPI Electra Glide Police motorcycles. The Electra Glide has a 1450cc twin cam 88 engine. As you know, riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous, so we ask that you CHECK TWICE BEFORE PULLING OUT. Motorcycle officers have a dangerous job which includes the traditional dangers of law enforcement aggravated by the ever more congested local traffic.

Parking Enforcement Unit

The Parking Enforcement Unit provides for the enforcement of parking restrictions established by ordinance.

The areas of responsibility include: Overtime and Permit parking in the Downtown Center area and the associated parking lots. Additionally they are responsible for tow-away zones, judicial and compact car space parking restrictions. The Greeley Police Department does not utilize wheel-lock devices in enforcing parking violations.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Section consists of the Bomb Disposal Unit, Hostage Negotiations Unit and the SWAT team. The Crisis Negotiations Team is responsible for conducting the negotiating phase of the Department's response to barricaded subjects or hostage situations.

The Hazardous Devices Disposal Unit responds county wide to those calls for service involving suspicious packages or devices or any potential explosive device or chemicals.

The Greeley SWAT team was formed in 1985. SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons And Tactics Team. The team consists of specially trained officers chosen from all sections within the police department. The team has a mutual aid agreement with Weld County Sheriff Office and other agencies to respond within their jurisdiction.

They respond to several main categories of calls:
  • Hostage Situations
  • Barricaded Subject
  • High Risk Warrant Service
  • Special Circumstances (Riot Control, area security, etc.)

Neighborhood Action Team

A joint endeavor of the Police Department, City of Greeley Recreation Department and the Office of the Youth Initiative directed at reducing crime and the public's fear of crime in identified targeted neighborhoods.

The unit is responsible for: The identification of neighborhoods experiencing increased criminal activity and development of practical intervention strategies; Maintaining "Store Front" community outreach sites; Conducting neighborhood surveys; Working in conjunction with a range of city and community services; Responding to calls for service and criminal activity in designated neighborhoods; Providing special events, selective crime suppression and chronic call reduction support to patrol watches; Follow-up investigations in the COP designated areas not forwarded to Investigations; and available for working with Investigations or Task Force on special projects or high profile investigations.

Interested in becoming a Police Officer?
You can request that your name be placed on the mailing list for notification of the next Police Officer recruitment: # Contact the Human Resources Department at 970-350-9710 and ask to be placed on the Police Officer Recruitment Notification List # or e-mail your name, address, and phone number using Feedback from the Contact Us page of the Employment Page of the City's website

Special Programs

Officers hold collateral assignments in specialized areas to include Field Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer and Fleet Maintenance programs.
Field Evidence Technician Program officers are specially trained officers who have demonstrated an expertise for photography, the collection and preservation of evidence, and the development of latent prints.

Field Training Officer Program officers are the principle vehicles for achieving the goals of the program, specifically, the production of a police officer to work solo assignments in a safe, skillful, productive , and professional manner.

Fleet Maintenance program is administered by a Day Watch Sergeant with the assistance of a Community Service Officer. The CSO is responsible for insuring that the fleet is maintained in a state of readiness. This includes mechanically and electronically as it pertains to the computer and radio systems.

Animal Control Unit

Greeley Police Department Complaints/Information
  Telephone: 350-9600
  Weld County Humane Society (Lost/Found) – 506-9550
A Guide to prevent your pet from bringing unwanted attention to your household

1. Keeping your pet contained on your property by fence or leash.

2. Providing for the basic needs of your pet; Access to water and adequate shelter at all times; and access to food every 12 hours.

3. Not letting your pet cause a nuisance to your neighbors. (Noise, Property Destruction, Fecal/Waste Material)

4. Vaccinating your dog/cat and keeping current ID/Vaccination tags on your pet.

Why Leash Law??
Greeley has a leash law for all domesticated animals, which means that anyone who chooses to keep an animal at their residence is required to keep that animal contained on their property. Dogs, cats or other pets allowed to run free are not only a nuisance and hazardous to the public, but are at risk from cars, poisons in garbage, and even other animals, wild and domestic. Save your pet from an untimely death. Keep it contained with a fence, cage, or leash.

When you walk with your dog, keep the dog on a leash for its safety. In the past; persons have walked their dog off its leash and it wandered or got spooked into traffic with tragic results.

Cruelty / Neglect
All pets are required to have access at all times to water and shelter; to be fed or have access to food every 12 hours; in summer, access to shade from the sun; and, in winter shelter from the cold and bad weather. Failure to provide the basic needs of water, shelter, food, and veterinary care can result in the impoundment of the pet and the issuance of a Court Summons. In addition, intentional acts of cruelty, such as abandonment, harassment, or torture, will be vigorously prosecuted. The foolishness of leaving a pet in a car on a warm or hot day can be a dangerous mistake. Even with the windows down the inside temperature can reach 160° Fahrenheit in a very short time. Your pet may love to ride in the car but will be much more comfortable at home and not exposed to the chance of suffering heat stoke. If you witness any animal being treated in a cruel or inhumane way, contact Animal Control immediately.

Guard Dogs/Vicious Dogs
A person who chooses to have a dog to protect his property needs to meet the following requirements: Application and receipt of Guard Dog Permit; Adequate fencing/gates/signs for Guard Dogs; Required safety measures for Public Protection; and proof of required liability insurance for injury caused by dog.

Property owners have an implied social contract with the community. Mail and paper carriers, delivery people, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel, meter readers and other are allowed near and, at times, on your property without your specific permission.

Protection and aggression are not the same. Protection is defensive, and reactive; aggression is active, harmful and offensive, and injuries result. Often a protective animal will threaten and not injure. A vicious dog is a public danger and can be removed if the safety of the general public is threatened.

Noisy Animals
Greeley’s ordinances provide that any animal disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighborhood in a persistent, excessive, or continuous manner is a public nuisance. Your dog may be well behaved when you are at home, but when you leave could show a different side and bring all sorts of bad attention to your household. The choice to have a pet is yours, but with that choice comes the responsibility that your pet does not interfere with the rights of your neighbor. Failure to control a problem animal could result in the issuance of a court summons or impoundment of the animal.

Rabies Vaccination

City ordinances require all dogs and cats over the age of 4 months to be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian for rabies. Greeley is the home of many wildlife species. Most all wild mammals can be infected and transmit this deadly disease and it is not unusual to find the same type of wildlife on or near your property. It is essential that all pets be vaccinated against rabies for their safety as well as your family’s. Keep the vaccination certificate handy in case your pet becomes lost or bites someone.

Pet Licenses
All dogs and cats living within the Greeley City limits are required to have a City Pet License. You can purchase your Pet License at the City of Greeley Finance Department at City Hall, 1000 10th Street. Be sure to bring proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination and if the pet has been spayed or neutered, bring that as well for a discount on the license fee. Also, there are six authorized locations in the city at vet clinic that can offer the licensing far an additional fee for your convenience. See the attached links below for more information.
Helpful Information on Dog and Cat Licensing Requirements
Helpful Information on Dog and Cat Licensing Requirements Flyer

City Parks
Greeley has numerous parks throughout the City for your family to enjoy, however pets are not allowed in our City Parks. Pets may be walked on a leash only on the bordering sidewalks next to the streets. Walks within the park boundaries are off limits. And remember, whenever you walk your pet, please clean up after them.

If your pet is involved in biting a human, including a family member, where the skin is broken, the bite must be reported to the Greeley Police Animal Control. Rodent bites are the only exception to this rule. If a bite occurs, the animal involved must be placed under quarantine for the next ten days. If your pet is not vaccinated for rabies, DO NOT HAVE IT VACCINATED until the ten day quarantine is over. If there are any questions, contact Animal Control immediately.

Dog in Estrous (Heat)
When your Female dog comes into estrous (heat), the dog must be kept inside an enclosure that will keep the Pheromone (scent) from attracting other dogs. The Pheromone (chemical) that the female dog produces will cause a behavior change in the other dogs attracted to the area. They will become very aggressive and territorial, which means the dogs could attack other people coming by. Even as the female’s owner, the dogs attracted may try to confront/attack you to protect the female as their own.

Fastening Near Public Way
Fastening a pet on or near Public Right of Way is not only hazardous to the general public, but can be dangerous to your pet as well. A pet left unattended on Public Right of Way (Chained by/near public parking lots, schools grounds, or public buildings) will be impounded for its and the general public’s safety.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Since the City of Greeley is a wildlife sanctuary, it is unlawful to kill, maim, torment, or hunt wild animal’s within the city limits. (Exception by special permit for the removal/extermination of prairie dogs, starlings, and pigeons.)

State/Federal Permits are required for the keeping of Wild/Exotic animals.

Rodent Infestation
If/when an area of property has exceeded its limit for population of prairie dogs, it is the duty of the property owner to control the over population by removal / extermination.

School Resource Officer Program

Greeley Police Department
School Resource Officer Program



Greeley Public Schools

High Schools


Middle Schools

John Evans

A School Resource Officer fills many different roles within his or her school:
  • The SRO is a vital member of the school's administrative team, helping to solve problems within the school community.
  • The SRO is an educational resource for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • The SRO provides students with a positive role model, and a balanced view of law enforcement.
  • The SRO is a proactive law enforcement officer dealing with law related issues on campus.
Things We Teach

Law Related Education
DUI Awareness



The SRO is a resource for both faculty and students and provides informal counseling and/or advice. These officers have received extensive training regarding programs and services available to handle problems and conflicts. Getting the right kind of help to those that need it is one of the SRO's highest priorities.

Law Enforcer

Any law related issue that arises on campus is the SRO's responsibility.  In many ways his/her school is no different than any other patrol beat.  Whether it is child abuse, truancy, disorderly conduct, theft, or some type of assault, the SRO is there to handle it quickly and professionally.

As a Community Police Officer, the SRO is charged with proactively addressing the crimes that occur on campus, both through education and through special projects or programs. Every school is different, so each SRO must tailor his/her projects to both the problem and the school.


Mentoring is the central focus of the program.  SROs have the opportunity to form lasting impressions on young people. To help students succeed, the SRO  provides guidance, tutoring, and coaching to students with special needs or problems.