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2875 10th Street
Greeley, CO 80634
tel: (970) 350-9600
fax:(970) 350-9655
hours: 24/7
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Greeley Police Department

Chief's Welcome

Welcome to the website for the Greeley Colorado Police Department. We are very proud of the men and women who make up our organization and serve the approximately 95,000 citizens of Greeley.

The Mission of the Greeley Police Department is a simple and direct one: IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR THE PEOPLE OF OUR COMMUNITY.

We carry out that mission by working toward the accomplishment of several, specific goals:

1. Apprehend Career Criminals
2. Improve traffic safety
3. Provide exceptional customer service
4. Do the right thing

We are making progress in accomplishing our mission, as major crime in Greeley has had a general decline over the past seven years. Yet there is much more to be done, and as a result we are pledged to redoubling our efforts in the future.

We want to hear your comments, questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact Peggy at (970) 350-9660 or We'll do our best to help.


Jerry Garner
Chief Of Police  

Greeley Incident Map

"The Greeley Police Department and BAIR Analytics Inc. recently partnered to provide a new way for the public to stay informed about crime in Greeley. The Greeley Police Department now has an online crime map called RAIDS Online that analyzes, tracks and publishes a map of certain incidents to help connect law enforcement with the community to reduce crime and improve public safety. Crime mapping helps the public get a better idea of the crime activity in their area so they can make more informed decisions about how to stay safe.

Our new app goes beyond crime mapping by automatically alerting the public about recent crime activity and by improving communication between the public and law enforcement; empowering the public to make better decisions about crime by putting the same technology used by law enforcement to analyze and interpret crime activity into the hands of the community.

Greeley citizens can view a map and grid with all of the crimes in their area, sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent crime activity, and submit an anonymous tip about a crime directly to their law enforcement agency. RAIDS Online automatically syncs with the Greeley Police Department’s records system to keep crime information updated online and in the mobile app. RAIDS Online cleans and geocodes the crime data, then displays all of the incidents on a map, grid and analytics dashboard along with some basic information about the incidents, including the type of crime, location type, block-level address, date and time, and analyzes crime data, alerts Greeley citizens about crimes in their area, and allows the Greeley Police Department to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur.

"The Greeley Police Department’s participation in RAIDS Online highlights their commitment to proactive communication with the public they serve,” said Sean Bair, founder of BAIR Analytics, “We’re excited to partner with the Greeley Police Department to provide this free service for their public."

Typically, agencies can spend thousands of dollars annually through other crime mapping providers. BAIR Analytics offers RAIDS Online and the RAIDS Online Mobile app as a free service to any law enforcement agency that wishes to participate. “We wanted to do something to help law enforcement in these tough economic times. We consider this a basic service that we are more than happy to provide to the public and our law enforcement friends,” said Bair, a former police officer and analyst."

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