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Community Services

The police department provides the community with police and emergency services in the most cost effective manner that is consistent within the prescribed ethical and constitutional limitations of the law. It is responsive to the community's priorities and initiates proactive and effective programs to fulfill this role. The following is a list of services and informative information from the department

Citizen Ride-Along Program - The Ride-Along program is an opportunity to experience what a typical day is like for a Greeley police officer.

Crime Prevention - A list of crime prevention tips from varies subjects.

Internal Affairs - The process for filing a complaint

Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers- Crime Stoppers encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime

Police Auctions - Information about the police auction process.

Police Recruitment - Important information about the department and becoming an Officer

Referral Numbers - Important referral phone numbers

Ride-Along Program top

The Ride-Along program is an opportunity to experience what a typical day is like for a Greeley police officer. If you are interested in doing a ride-along with an officer, first fill out a "ride-along form". Forms are available at the front desk of the police department, or you can download the form here, but you must sign it at the front desk. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to go on a ride-along. It takes at least two weeks to process your form, so please be patient. If you have further questions call (970) 350-9605.

Responsibility of Person Riding Along
  1. Should dress appropriately, i.e., no cut-offs, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, halters, sweat shirts, ragged or unkempt clothing.

  2. Will not enter into any investigation nor converse with any witness nor prisoner concerning a police incident or investigation.

  3. Will not ride in any police vehicle transporting prisoners to Weld County Jail.

  4. Will not operate any police equipment or vehicle nor handle anything relating to a police investigation. In the case of an emergency, the officer may ask for assistance as authorized by law.

  5. Citizen ride-alongs must comply with orders from officers. Under the direction of the officer, the ride-along may be required to remain in the patrol vehicle on certain calls. If a ride-along fails to obey a direct order of a police officer, it may result in permanent termination of the ride-along privilege.

  6. Ride along requests are restricted to once quarterly.

  7. The Ride Along requested date should be at least 72 hours from time of application.

Crime Preventiontop

Neighborhood Watch Program

Consumer Fraud: Spotting and Protecting Yourself Against It

Preventing Identity theft

Reporting Identity theft

Home Burglary Prevention

Vandalism/Graffiti Prevention

Bicycle Theft Prevention, Safety & Maintenance

Reporting Internet Fraud (Internet Fraud Complaint Center)

Internal Affairstop

The Internal Affairs Section is located at the Greeley Police Department, 2875 10th Street . Please follow the following procedures to file a complaint.

How To Make A Complaint Of Misconduct Against An Officer

The primary goal of the Greeley Police Department is to provide the people of this city with the best possible police service. One way to help achieve this goal is the public complaint process. The individual who feels that an officer has acted wrongly and who brings the matter to the attention of those in charge, provides the Department with an opportunity to look into the problem.  It is through this process that the individual can help maintain the high standards of quality that the Department demands and the community deserves.

Where To Complain

If you feel that a police officer is guilty of misconduct, you may make a complaint at the Police Department or you may telephone the Police Department. When you contact the Police Department, either in person or by telephone, tell the person you contact that you would like to speak to a police supervisor and that you wish to make a complaint against a police officer. It is important that you request to speak to a supervisor rather than attempting to give all the details to the person you first contact. Otherwise, you may end up repeating your story unnecessarily.

Talking To The Supervisor

The police supervisor will sit down with you and discuss what has happened. Sometimes he may be able to resolve your problem simply by talking it over with you. Perhaps the supervisor will want to look into the matter further. If, after discussing the problem with the supervisor, you wish to make a formal complaint regarding any matter, he will assist you by reducing it to writing. If the supervisor refuses to take your complaint, you should notify the Office of the Chief of Police or the Internal Investigation Section.

In talking with the supervisor, you may discover that your complaint actually concerns departmentally approved polices or procedures rather than the conduct of an individual officer. If this is the case, and it cannot be explained to your satisfaction, you complaint will be directed to the section of the Police Department responsible for that particular area of activity.

How A Formal Personnel Complaint Is Handled

If a formal personnel complaint is taken, it will ultimately be referred to the Internal Investigations Section. Internal Investigations is responsible for the coordination of all investigations into allegations of officer misconduct. Internal Investigations will contact you when they receive your complaint.

Whenever possible, an investigator will talk to you at length as part of the investigation. An investigator will also talk to all other witnesses and involved parties and will complete a report of the investigation. This can be very time consuming and involved, but it is important that all of the relevant facts are known. After the investigation is completed and has been thoroughly reviewed, and the appropriate action taken, you will be notified in writing of the results.

Other Complaints

Complaints regarding matters other than officer misconduct complaints shall be referred to the departmental unit having jurisdiction over the matter and you will be notified in writing of the results.

Criminal Charges And The Court

Many times people who have been arrested feel that they are not guilty of the charge. However, the validity of the arrest and the guilt or innocence of the person involved must be determined by a Court of Law, NOT the Police Department. Only the Court is empowered by law to adjudicate such matters. A court proceeding provides an impartial forum in which both sides of the case can be heard and the truth determined.

Written Complaints

If you feel more comfortable making your complaint in writing, you may send a letter directly to Internal Investigations or the Office of the Chief of Police. Either of these offices will be able to assist you. The mailing address for both is Greeley Police Department, 2875 10th Street , Greeley, Colorado 80631. There is no set format; you may tell your story in the way in which you feel most comfortable. But you must include the important facts. Your written complaint will be handled in the same manner as if you had reported your complaint in person.

If you have any questions please contact Sergeant Joe Tymkowych at 970-350-9620

Police Auctionstop

The Greeley Police Department property/evidence unit sends unclaimed property for public auction on a monthly basis. currently handles the sale of property for the police department. The online auction company uses an eBay style web site to sell property for law enforcement agencies across the county.

For more information please visit or call the Greeley Police Department Property/Evidence Unit at (970) 350-9646.

Referral Numberstop

Domestic Abuse 356-4226
Poison Control 1-800-332-3073
Police Department 350-9600
Road Conditions 1-877-315-7623
Animal Control 350-9600
Runaway Hotline 1-800-621-4000
Child Abuse 352-1551
Sexual Assault 506-4059
Sheriff 356-4015
Crime Stoppers 353-2847
State Patrol 506-4999
Drug Abuse 352-3784
Suicide Crisis 506-2737
Hospital 352-4121
UNC Police 351-2245