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Why Should Seniors Exercise?

9/24/2014 Send Feedback

1. It increases bone density and limits osteoporosis.


According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis affects more than 10 million men and women while an additional 34 million Americans have low bone mass, putting them at risk for developing osteoporosis. The disease makes your bones weak and brittle. Exercise increases bone strength. The best kinds of exercise to make bones stronger are weight-bearing exercises like walking, and resistance exercises such as lifting weights. But you don't need to become a competitive walker or body builder. Just living an active lifestyle will help your bones stay strong. (You also need vitamin D and calcium for good bone health.)


2. It helps you stay independent.


The point of being active is to maintain your ability to function. Studies show that people who exercise over their lifetimes can avoid being disabled at the end of their lives. Those who don't exercise, if they live long enough, are sure to experience disability.


3. It increases metabolism to help you control your weight.


Metabolism measures how your body handles and uses nutrients. Strength training increases muscle mass, which raises metabolism. One benefit is that your body uses more of the calories you take in because your resting metabolic rate increases. That leads to less body fat and makes it easier to control your weight. Just being a few pounds overweight puts you at high risk for many health problems.


4. It reduces your risk for falls.


There are 2 reasons for this. The first is that exercise lets you practice keeping your balance and reacting to things around you. The second is that exercise can help arrest a natural decline in muscle fitness. Exercise will keep your muscles fit.


5. It makes you more flexible.


Doing things that put your body through the full range of movement helps keep it flexible. These activities don't need to be structured; any kind of activity is going to produce results. Some examples include: walking instead of driving, or raking leaves instead of using a blower.


6. It's a reason to be sociable.


Exercise groups are a good way to meet people. Since 1 of the best strategies for increasing your activity is to do it in a group, exercise can lead to new friends. Check the Greeley Senior Activity Center, Greeley Recreation Center or Family FunPlex for special exercise groups for seniors. They even have specialty classes for mature adults called SilverSneakers® that you may qualify for – call 970.350.9400 for details or check it out online. You can also ask your friends to join you.


7. It improves your mood.


Exercise is good for your mind. Studies show it reduces depression. It can also lift your self-esteem. Being physically active can help you improve your sense of what you can do.


8, 9 and 10. It helps your entire body.


It improves the way your lungs work, helps prevent and control diabetes and is good for your heart. All of the body’s systems deteriorate with age, but much of that can be attributed to a lack of physical activity. Exercise can slow the breakdown. Being active will help you live well.



Find out more tips on staying active and keeping fit at the Senior Health & Job Fair at Island Grove Regional Park (501 N. 14th Ave) Friday, October 3 from 7-11am.


NEOS game

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A few years ago, the Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department (CPRD) applied for a grant from the game manufacturing company Playworld Systems, to receive a state-of-the art interactive gaming system called NEOS. The City of Greeley planned to use NEOS for recreational purposes at the Family Funplex to encourage kids to be physically active in the fight against childhood obesity. The grant was indeed awarded to the City of Greeley CPRD for which a NEOS game system was then provided. The system is currently still located at the Family FunPlex and open for use. The NEOS game was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show not long before the grant was awarded, and it is in fact a very pricey piece of equipment (worth around $50,000 at the time). The system is designed to help keep children (and adults) active by participating in a fun and physically-oriented game. NEOS’s purpose and reason for acquisition is to help curb childhood obesity. It’s simply another tool to get kids active by appealing to their senses, natural desire for competition and interest in gaming. NEOS is FREE and available at any time that the FunPlex is open.  You will find it outside by the mini golf course.

So…how do you play? The great thing about this game is you can play with 1-4 people, and it’s for almost all ages. The equipment itself consists of four lighted towers (seen in picture above). The lights are either green or red (or white sometimes). They are arranged vertically from near the ground to about 6 feet up. The idea is to touch the lights as they light up using your hands and/or feet. (Though I can attest that it works better if you touch them with your hands). So for example, in a game for two players, one person would hit only green lights to get points and the other person would hit only the red. The lights can appear in any position, on any tower at any time. So, as soon as a light is touched, it will go off and another one will go on in a different place (or maybe the same place!). The player that touches the most lights of their color before they disappear gets the most points and will win. The game can be as friendly or as competitive as desired. Some people get a little physical and try and block each other from reaching the lights. It’s all about strategy! This makes for a game where players are running back and forth between the towers, reaching high and low, left and right and ducking and dodging around their opponents. It’s one fun way to be active!

Head out to the FunPlex, and play some NEOS, you won’t be disappointed. Remember this game is completely FREE of charge! Just tell the front desk you’d like to play NEOS, and they will direct you to the game.  Get your games faces on, Greeley!

GOLFING – it really IS for everyone

8/11/2014 Send Feedback

Everybody, let’s play golf! August is National Golf Month. Hey now, no yawning. Unless you’re a golf enthusiast, your eyelids are probably getting heavy at the mention of it. But did you know there is more than one type of golf? What’s that? You don’t believe me? Well, there’s Frisbee golf (or disc golf), mini golf, and golf the card game just to name a few. So what am I getting at? Golf is for everyone. Even with traditional golf, it’s never too late to learn.

Golf is fun, right? When my family put the game on TV, everyone in the living room would be comfortably sawing logs. That golf clapping can soothe even the wildest toddler into a summer afternoon slumber. In high school my Dad would occasionally take me out to the driving range. His father was a golf champion, and he played the game himself for many years so he knows his stuff. Even though golf was not my sport of choice, there was something therapeutic in the wild swinging of a club. If I would have taken the experience more seriously maybe people wouldn’t yell “Strike 3! Batter’s out!” when I’m trying to tee off. Oh well, a $50 set of clubs can only get you so far (as if that’s my problem). There’s no denying that even if you’re golf game is lacking at best, a cold beer (or two) and cavorting around in a golf cart is still a fun time; especially when you can laugh at yourself (and hopefully someone worse than you).

For those that golf, or aspire to golf, check it out! -

For a different kind of golf, check this out!

The Outback Disc Golf Course (DGC) at the Family FunPlex will be right up your alley. In a nut shell, disc golf (or Frisbee golf) is a combination of Frisbee and mini golf. You throw a disc into a metal basket (or “hole”) and count the number of throws it takes to do so. Similar to a mini golf course, a disc golf course has obstacles to “putt” around. You may find that you may have to cross a stream, or throw around a tree to get in range of the hole. The Outback is a free course located behind the Family FunPlex at 1501 65th Avenue. For more information on the Outback DGC, contact Chris Thomas at (970) 310-3555 or

Be sure to check out Greeley’s other disc golf courses as well, Epple Park (43rd Avenue & 4th Street) and the University of Northern Colorado (14th Avenue & Reservoir Road). All three courses are listed under the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) web site at

And don’t forget we have an 18-hole mini golf course at the Family FunPlex too! It depicts Greeley’s water history; you can putt through Poudre Canyon. The course is open year round. Check it out at

Swing away, Greeley!

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