City Of Greeley

Unique, Powerful Partnership Brings Clean, Renewable Energy to Greeley

Greeley Mayor Tom Norton and Greeley's City Council joined the City of Greeley’s Water & Sewer Department to announce a landmark public-private partnership that will bring renewable energy to the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility. The solar farm, spearheaded by the City of Greeley and several renewable energy leaders, will be the largest in Weld County and provide 15% of the wastewater facility’s electricity needs. 


Construction on the 500 kilowatt solar farm begins in November with final completion scheduled for late December. The photovoltaic arrays (2,119 panels) will occupy three acres and generate an average of 726,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, an annual reduction of 745 tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of planting 19,103 trees.


This is the second major energy efficiency project that Greeley’s Wastewater Division has taken on within the last few years. The plant’s improvements to its aeration system with the installation of high-speed turbo blowers, makes the plant even more energy efficient. The aeration system project also won an Xcel Energy Achievement Award, earlier this year.


The city’s partners include Oak Leaf Energy Partners, Enfinity America Corporation, and Intermountain Electric. Oak Leaf Energy Partners served as the project’s developer, providing site planning, interconnection analysis, tax and financial structuring, and negotiating financing. Oak Leaf Energy Partners provides project development and consulting services for renewable energy transactions. The company helps property owners deploy solar and other renewable energy derived power across their portfolio of buildings and properties.


Enfinity America Corporation, the project’s financier, owns and operates the photovoltaic arrays, selling the solar electricity it generates to the City. Enfinity is one of the world’s largest in its renewable energy sector, with operations in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. 


Group tours of WPCF are available for citizens to learn more about the wastewater treatment system. Please call 970-350-9360 for more information. Visit the Water and Sewer Department’s website for more on Greeley’s wastewater system.