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6 Reasons to Love Native Plants

A Colorado native plant is defined as a plant existing in Colorado prior to European settlement. These plants are often hearty and grow well, since they are natural to the area.


Here are six reasons to love native plants.

  1. Plants that are native usually need less water to be healthy.
  2. Native plant gardens create wildlife habitat for a variety of birds, mammals and insects.
  3. Landscaping with native plants makes a significant contribution to biodiversity that otherwise would be lost to development.
  4. Native plant communities in Colorado vary due to differences in exposure, elevation, rainfall, soils and temperature extremes. These plant communities make Colorado visually distinct from other parts of the country.
  5. Colorado native plants are generally resistant to pests and diseases.
  6. A garden filled with native plants is good for organic gardeners, since pesticides are not needed to thrive. Pesticides harm wildlife and pollinators, such as butterflies and bees.  

Here are some resources in finding native plants: