ACE (Achieving Community Excellence)


Achieving Community Excellence (ACE) envisions a community that recognizes and capitalizes on the power that aligned principled relationships have to build and sustain community excellence.


As a trusted network of advisors and resource partners in the community, we work as a team on common goals to achieve community excellence. For ACE, relational excellence means bringing people together to address issues bigger than themselves. Our work has purpose that aligns with our intended outcomes. We believe our success will continue to result in a positive ripple effect throughout the rest of the community.

 Current Areas of Focus

Our objective is to proactively address remaining gaps within our talent development ecosystem, which includes:

  1. Workforce Development
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. NextGen Leadership Development


Achieving Community Excellence (ACE) was created by the Greeley City Council in 2012 to support its objective to improve Greeley’s Civic Infrastructure.

ACE Advisory Board

ACE Advisory Board

Mike Trotter
Steve LaForest
Rob Abernathy
Steve Bytnar
Sandi Elder
Steve Hall
Scott James
Deirdre Pilch
Dr. Matthew Hortt
Dr. Dan Maxey
Terry Anderson

Ex-officio Members

Ace ExOfficio Board

Tami Grant
Jaime Henning
Tom Norton
Raymond C. Lee III
Benjamin Snow
Alex Hollen
Ace ace pyramid

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The G. Town Promise impacts the lives of over 20,000 students in the Greeley Evans area every year. In the ACE spirit of relational excellence, humility, and love, we can accomplish unexpected outcomes together with unity and alignment. You can give money, volunteer time, or share your thoughts to fuel this meaningful community effort.

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