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Greeley’s Public Art Program: 560 Pieces and Growing

Many residents consider Greeley’s state-certified creative district the center of downtown activity, including dining, entertainment, history, art and more.  What helps make that portion of our community so dynamic is our expansive indoor and outdoor public art collection. 

In 2016, we noted that Greeley had 450 pieces of public art.  Incredibly, that number is now 560 city-wide due to our 1% for Art Program and generous private donations.  Kim Snyder, our Public Art Coordinator in the Culture, Parks and Recreation Department, says the outlook is bright, with that number likely to increase by another ten this year. 

Here are a few new and upcoming additions:
8th Street Plaza – North-South Walkway
Outdoor Artwork by Frank Garza - completed

City Center Building – Phase I – 11th Street & 11th Avenue
Indoor Artwork by Amy Baur & Brian Boldon - 2018

Storm Drain Sidewalk Murals – Various Locations 
By Greeley High School Artists - 2018

Warm Hugs Building – 809 10th Street 
Outdoor Artwork by Eleanor Yates - completedIMG_4260WEB

Woodbriar Park – 2819 19th Street
Outdoor Artwork by Laurie Lundquist - 2018

You’re invited to enjoy Greeley’s public art year-round.  Visit to learn more and visit for information about the district’s events and activities.

Roy H. Otto, City Manager

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