Neighborhood Resource Office

Greeley has great neighborhoods! We promote healthy neighborhoods through a variety of programs. Read more below.

Healthy Neighborhood Resources

Resource and Referral Guide – not sure what City department to call? Check here first.
Homeowner Association Board Member Trainings – we sponsor a series of workshops with experts educating new, prospective and longtime board members about their duties/responsibilities as an HOA board member and resident. Check out the list of topics and dates below.
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Block Parties

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Neighborhood conduct class

Did you get a $1,000 noise ticket for for disturbing the peace? Call NRO at 970-350-9659 to register for a Good Neighbor Class, held at the Greeley Police Department, 2875 10th St. Reservations are required.

Bike Rides

NRO and other City Staff sponsor several bike rides throughout the community all year round. See  details at or

Community gardens

A place where people who do'n't have space of their own can grow their food, flowers and fun. NRO manage three community gardens in Greeley, but there are nine others. Please see our brochure for information about all of the gardens.

Application for a Community Garden Plot

If you are a returning gardener in good standing, you are guaranteed your plot. If there are openings, plots are rented to new applicants on a first come, first served basis, so apply as soon as possible. If all plots are reserved, we will help you find another community garden to join.

Apply for a Community Garden Plot

Neighborhood Building Blocks

Neighborhood Building BlocksNB2 is a team of City representatives assembled to provide a coordinated response to complex issues through the following interdepartmental program.

NB2's core function is to respond to complex issues requiring the attention of more than one City department or division. Neighbors report problems through the City Clerk's Office and team members are called to action, responding within 48 hours to issues like property maintenance, alleged crime, traffic and neighbor disputes.

For more information or to initiate an NB2 response call the City Clerk's Office at 970-350-9740 or NRO at 970-350-4167.

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