Engineering Development Review

Greeley is growing and now is great time to get involved! If you are interested in development within the city, you will need to work with us. We oversee new residential and commercial developments. In order to provide you with individual attention during the design review process, each project is assigned to both a project planner and a member of our team.

Land Use Applications are available on the Planning page.

Schedule a pre-application conference by calling 970-350-9780.

Current development projects

Project Review Process

While each project is different, the steps below describe the general process

  • New project review begins after an initial completeness check following your document submission. Reviews are usually completed within two to three weeks.
  • Review comments and civil drawing redlines are prepared and sent back to you or your designee.
  • At this time you may schedule a meeting to discuss comments or redlines.
  • The project design is modified by the applicant to comply with review comments and documents are resubmitted for review. Project resubmittals will be required until all City comments are addressed.
  • Upon completion of the final review, the Final Construction Drawings must be signed, the Final Drainage Report must be accepted, and all easements dedicated. These items will be submitted digitally.
  • Project is ready to submit for building permits.


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Engineering Development Review

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