Natural Areas & Trails

A natural area is a living, complexly interrelated community of plants and animals, generally created through natural forces rather than human design. It’s different from a park because instead of having playgrounds, athletic fields and irrigated turf, the focus in a natural area is native vegetation and low-impact trails. The City of Greeley currently has 24 natural areas encompassing over 900 acres of land and nearly 27 miles of paved and soft path trails designated for public recreation. Not all natural areas are open to public access. In Greeley, our natural areas are “always in season.”

The benefits of natural areas are vast, providing diverse recreational opportunities such as walking, biking and fishing, as well as an opportunity to enjoy wildlife. Many of these areas provide buffers between developed areas and floodplains, offering protection to residential areas.

Use our Explore Greeley map to see photos and to learn more about locations and amenities included in our outdoor recreational and natural area.

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