Centennial Park Has a New Playground

October 2023

The soft opening of the new playground took place at the end of September with Centennial Park Library hosting Storytime. 

They'll be more exciting events at the site coming this month!

School's Out, Library's In: Lunar and Solar Eclipses

October 9 | 2-3 p.m.

Prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse on October 14. Centennial Park Library will be at the new playground on site with hands-on activities that explain this phenomenon. Youth (grades K-5) participants will receive a pair of solar eclipse glasses and an activity packet to learn more about the eclipse at home.

Sign up here: https://mylibrary.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=103046&backTo=Calendar&startDate=2023/10/04

Come join us and play on the new playground! 

September 2023

This brand-new playground is just about ready for unveiling!

Event Details:

Friday, September 29 | 2 p.m.
Hosted by Centennial Park Library Children's Librarian at the Centennial Park Playground

To celebrate, we've partnered with Centennial Park Library to host a community Storytime. Bring your children to listen to a wonderful book (geared toward ages 3-5 years old) while enjoying this new park amenity. There are walking paths, slides, swings, and more!

New Playground Coming to Centennial Park

June 2023

The playground footprint at Centennial Park is starting to take shape! The walking path, and sod, with some features are already in place. The playground equipment still needs to be installed, so for your safety, please avoid the area until the playground is complete later this summer.

As part of improvements to Centennial Park that began in 2020, we are adding a playground to better serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood and community, as well as foster imagination and fun for all visitors. This playground is part of the city’s continued mission to improve the quality of life for residents. Currently, the park’s amenities include tennis courts, a baseball field, and a skate park.

Project Overview

The city will be building a new playground and installing landscape in the surrounding area. We obtained input from the community on the type of grass and equipment they would like to see in the new area. Results coming soon!

Landscape Options

  • Traditional turf 
  • Sustainable native grasses

Playground Equipment Options

  • Traditional playground with a fun, unifying theme
  • Nature Play with organic materials and emphasis on exploration
  • Contemporary and imaginative with nets and climbers


Project Progress

In 2020, the city began with general park improvements to Centennial Park to update overall accessibility which included new walking paths and internal roads, parking lot expansions, landscape improvements, and new storm water management features.

A survey for the new playground and landscaping options was created and remained open for a few weeks to provide the community time to share their input. Survey results were collected and reviewed. The city will then meet with a design company to start planning and developing the new Centennial Park playground.

Project Timeline

The Centennial Park improvements will continue into 2022 with more path connectivity, new shade shelters, and the new playground.

  • Fall 2022 – Install new irrigation system, new sidewalks, and new shelters.
  • Winter 2022 – Begin construction of the new playground.
  • Spring 2023 – Playground features installed. Trees and landscape added.