2020 Ballot Measures

Greeley Sales Tax

Thank you Greeley voters for supporting Measure 2I - Greeley’s Infrastructure Tax.

This funding provides your city with much of the necessary funding to immediately continue supporting parks, recreation facilities, streets and other critical infrastructure.

Thank you for investing in your city. Keep an eye on the city’s website for periodic updates about how this funding is being used. The Citizens Budget Advisory Committee monitors this funding and ensures local accountability.

Greeley’s Food Tax Quick Facts

  • 3% tax on all unprepared food products, like groceries
  • Our primary funding for parks, recreation, public building maintenance, and a contributing funding source for Greeley street maintenance.
  • Approved by voters in six elections since 1990
  • About $9 million in revenue annually
  • Rebates available for qualifying households

Reasons to Renew

  • Improves livability and quality of life
  • Minimizes maintenance costs
  • Stabilizes and enhances city services
  • Matched project funding possibilities

Reasons to Oppose

  • While our unemployment remains high and our economy is in a recession, we should be lowering taxes
  • Taxes on food are considered “regressive.” Lower income individuals should be taxed at a lower rate


A 3.0% sales tax on groceries only, was originally approved by voters in 1990 and remained at the same rate for each five-year renewal since that time. The Food Tax has been and remains focused largely on the repair and replacement of public buildings, recreational facilities, and streets. As the major funding source for projects of that nature, the Food Tax generated revenue invested in the following amounts and areas during the period of 2014-2018:
 Parks Maintenance   $5.7 Million   1,738 acres of parks and open space
 Building Maintenance   $6.9 Million   More than 1 Million square feet of facility space
 Traffic Signal Maintenance   $500,000   68 traffic signals
 Street Maintenance   $29.7 Million   379 Road Miles, 700 miles of Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk
 ADA accessibility   $1.8 Million   Funding ADA compliance projects

Future Infrastructure Improvement Tax Projects

Future Infrastructure Improvement Tax Projects

ADA Projects
Building Maintenance Projects
HVAC Projects
Irrigation Projects
Park Maintenance Projects
Trail Projects
Street Maintenance Projects
Traffic Projects

Population Growth:

The Greeley area is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. Growth brings new opportunities, but it also brings more traffic than ever, and increased congestion is hard on Greeley’s infrastructure. Street repair crews need resources now more than ever. 

Since 1990, when the food tax first passed, the population of Greeley has grown by 77% - outpacing the rest of Colorado. Now, Greeley is consistently noted as one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Since 2010, Greeley has been the sixth fastest growing metro areas and, meanwhile, the Walton Family Foundation ranked it the 8th “most dynamic” metropolitan areas because of job growth, income gains and entrepreneurialism. It’s also been named the sixth best place for first-time homebuyers by WalletHub and the sixth “hottest job market” in the United States according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s no wonder our population is growing. 

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Food Tax Rebate

The City of Greeley offers a food tax rebate for low-income Greeley residents as a part of the 3.46 percent tax on food.

To participate in the program, applicants must meet the residency and income requirements -- based on the number of family members and annual family income.

The exact income requirements change each year. In order to qualify for the low-income rebate in 2019, households must have had an annual income below the following limits:
Number of Family Members Income Limit 

The maximum rebate is $65 per person. The program normally accepts applicants near the start of the year.

For more information about this program, call 970-336-4082