Possible 2021 Ballot Measure

The City of Greeley will be conducting a poll online and via text message between Sunday, March 28 and Thursday, April 1. We encourage residents to share their valuable feedback

Greeley Sales Tax

Two voter-approved sales taxes fund the backbone of Greeley’s infrastructure repairs and improvements. In 2020, voters reauthorized the Food Tax that funds infrastructure projects for the City of Greeley with 73% of the vote.

This year, City Council is considering whether to ask for a renewal of the Keep Greeley Moving infrastructure tax that will extend the second voter-approved sales taxes, which provides funding for transportation-related repairs, improvements, and construction. 

The City of Greeley has continued to deliver on critical repairs and improvements to our local infrastructure, even throughout the pandemic. By asking voters to extend the tax, the City of Greeley will continue improving transit infrastructure across the city. Taking care of basic street maintenance now means we can keep repairs from becoming more expensive to the taxpayer and more time consuming for repair crews. Without this revenue, Greeley will be forced to greatly reduce or delay road maintenance and other projects. 

By exploring whether to pursue the renewal, the City of Greeley continues to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars. Spending from this measure is overseen by a citizens’ committee and regular reports are published on the city’s website, keeping the city accountable and the interests of Greeley residents at heart.

About the Keep Greeley Moving tax

  • 0.65% sales tax on all purchases, excluding groceries
  • Funds road expansion, repaving and sidewalk improvements
  • First approved by voters in 2015, must be renewed every 7 years
  • Raised $15.6 million in 2018 and $73 million total since 2016

Over the past three years, the Keep Greeley Moving tax has resulted in the following investment:

 Concrete repairs (including 38,631 linear feet of sidewalks)   $3.2 Million  
 Seal coat 49.63 miles of roadway   $3.3 Million  
 Patching of 54,298 square yards of roadway   $3.4 Million  
 Overlay of 29.76 miles of roadway   $16.9 Million  
 Applied 794,296 pounds of crack seal   $1.3 Million  
 Roadway expansion work (including 20th Street and 71st Avenue) $13 Million
 Total Investment $41.1 Million

KGM Accomplishments since 2016

KGM Accomplishments since 2016

KGM Planned Projects 2023-2029

KGM Planned Projects 2023-2029

Population Growth:

The Greeley area is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. Growth brings new opportunities, but it also brings more traffic than ever, and increased congestion is hard on Greeley’s infrastructure. Street repair crews need resources now more than ever. 

Since 1990, when the food tax first passed, the population of Greeley has grown by 77% - outpacing the rest of Colorado. Now, Greeley is consistently noted as one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Since 2010, Greeley has been the sixth fastest growing metro areas and, meanwhile, the Walton Family Foundation ranked it the 8th “most dynamic” metropolitan areas because of job growth, income gains and entrepreneurialism. It’s also been named the sixth best place for first-time homebuyers by WalletHub and the sixth “hottest job market” in the United States according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s no wonder our population is growing. 

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