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City Council Approves Water Resources Plan, Giving Greeley a Roadmap to Reliable Water Supply

Greeley City Council approved a plan on June 6 that ensures the city has access to a reliable water supply for generations.

The Integrated Water Resources Plan helps the city address future uncertainty in water demand and supply. The plan accounts for shortages on the Colorado River, impacts from wildfire, climate change, and urban growth.

“The plan guides the city’s Water and Sewer Board. It also helps staff track variables that impact our water supply system and adapt to changing conditions,” said Kelen Dowdy, Greeley’s water resources planning manager.

Greeley’s current water supply system is robust. This long-term water plan will help keep it that way by guiding investments in water rights, infrastructure, and storage. It helps the city continue to have reliable and affordable water.

“We will continually monitor demand, growth, and water supply conditions to make sure we can adapt to changes and ensure we are good stewards of our resources,” Dowdy said.

Harold Evans has been Greeley’s Water and Sewer Board chairman for 26 years. His extensive knowledge of the water industry and insight into the project assisted Greeley’s water resources staff.

“I’m pleased with the recently approved water resources plan and its approach to securing Greeley’s water future,” Evans said. “The Water Board will be in a solid position to assist staff in making decisions on policy and investments.”

View the presentation of the plan at a Greeley City Council work session at


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Jun 21, 2023

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