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City Leaders Celebrate $35.5 Million Milestone with Ribbon-Cutting at Wastewater Plant

City of Greeley leaders celebrated a $35.5 million milestone that benefits our community, public health, and the environment.

City Manager Raymond Lee, Mayor John Gates, City Council member Dale Hall, and Water and Sewer Board President Harold Evans attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday at the Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility.

The city selected Garney Construction for the wastewater treatment project in 2019. Now, 200,000 work hours later, it is complete.

Reg. 85 mandates that wastewater plants reduce the amount of nutrients released into rivers.  These nutrients are byproducts of human and animal waste and fertilizers. They can create algae blooms, which use up the oxygen marine life needs to survive.

The city spread out project costs over several years to reduce the burden on ratepayers. The plant meets all new and existing state and federal regulations. It also ensures the continued protection of our rivers.

Lee said the Nitrification Project is a shining example of what Greeley can do when creative, hard-working people focus on a common goal. It also shows a commitment to provide reliable, safe, and cost-effective services to enhance and protect the quality of life in Greeley.

“We are fortunate to have such a dedicated water utility that cares about our current—and future—community,” Lee said.

The city built its first wastewater plant on the south side of the Poudre River in 1936. This milestone is part of a story that began 87 years ago.

Project Manager Cadee Oakleaf said she is proud of the work done by staff. The treatment plant operated with no service disruptions throughout the project.

“A significant amount of work went into this project over the last five years,” Oakleaf said. “Wastewater treatment plants must remain operational at all times. Our dedicated team kept the plant operating through difficult conditions. Their flexibility and support enabled construction to stay on schedule and budget.”



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Oct 9, 2023

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