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City of Greeley Launches 2022 Community Survey

Starting the week of Nov. 7, about 3,000 randomly selected households in Greeley will receive the 2022 City of Greeley community survey in the mail. City officials have conducted a community survey every two to three years since 2013.

Officials ask that households chosen to participate, please take 8-10 minutes to complete the survey and share feedback. The survey will gather community input on topics including:

  • Quality of life in Greeley
  • Satisfaction with city government services
  • Priorities for the future

Greeley City Council and staff use survey results to help inform decisions about how to use public resources in providing city services and addressing community priorities. The results will also guide staff in learning how to communicate with residents and promote city activities and events.

“It’s critical that we understand the interests and preferences of people in our community,” said City Manager Raymond C Lee III. “As we make important decisions about future City services, programs and priorities, we need to know what our community members value and prioritize, and our community survey is an important tool for us to do so.”

The more people participate in the survey, the more accurate and representative the data will be. Mailed packets contain a special link for recipients to complete the survey online (in English or Spanish), or they can complete the paper survey and return it enclosed in the provided postage-paid envelope.

How to participate online

While surveys are only mailed to randomly selected households in Greeley, anyone can complete the survey online themselves through the online Polco platform starting Nov. 28. The link to take the open community survey will be made available on Nov. 28 on the City's Communication & Engagement department website.

The city simultaneously conducts a non-resident survey of people in other surrounding communities and areas to gather feedback about their perceptions of Greeley.

The survey results will be presented to City Council and shared publicly on the city's Communication and Engagement Department webpage upon completion in early 2023. National Research Center, Inc., an independent survey research firm in Colorado, administers the surveys.



Release Date:
Nov 7, 2022

Kelli Johnson, chief of staff


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