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City of Greeley Launches Greeley Grub Program

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City of Greeley officials are seeking businesses eager to participate in the Greeley Grub Program as part of the My Greeley image campaign. Entrepreneurs participating in Greeley Grub will help spread the word about Greeley’s culinary culture. In exchange, My Greeley and the City of Greeley will promote Greeley Grub to inform the public about the program and spread awareness about Greeley Grub participants.

My Greeley boosts Greeley residents' civic pride through storytelling. When we share the diverse experiences that bring us to Greeley, we bond over our community's innovative culture. And with its touch of the unexpected, each tale is even better lived in than told. That's why we say Greeley is “A Story Best Lived In.”

About the Greeley Grub Program

As a part of the My Greeley campaign, officials will launch Greeley Grub: a special designation for businesses to quickly identify and promote local food products connected to the city.

The program highlights Greeley originals that a customer can only try or buy at one of Greeley’s local businesses, such as:

  • food products,
  • ingredients,
  • menu items,
  • beverages,
  • and all sorts of other grub.

Submit a Greeley Grub Application

Business owners who want to showcase a food-related product or item with a unique connection to Greeley can submit a Greeley Grub application to participate in the program. Applications are due by July 28, 2022.

Selected businesses will receive marketing materials and support to assist in promoting Greeley Grub in-store and across town. Residents will have the opportunity to sample the Greeley Grub menu later this fall.

To learn more about the new program and to apply to participate in Greeley Grub, visit



Release Date:
Jul 7, 2022

Jaqueline Villegas, image and brand manager


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