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City of Greeley Planner Appointed to Colorado Preservation Board

City of Greeley Planner and Historic Preservation Specialist Elizabeth Kellums

GREELEY, Colo. — City of Greeley Planner Elizabeth Kellums has been appointed to the Colorado Preservation, Inc. (CPI) board for a three-year term. CPI is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the protection of historic places across the state. CPI works to keep Colorado’s rich cultural history and notable buildings safe by providing education, outreach and preservation services.

“Colorado Preservation, Inc. is incredibly fortunate to have Elizabeth Kellums joining the board. Her specialized knowledge of preservation and her long career working in the field demonstrates not only her passion and expertise, but her ability to work directly with communities facing current challenges, which provides important perspective to this statewide nonprofit organization,” said CPI Executive Director Jennifer Orrigo Charles.

Contributing to Greeley’s Comeback
In the late 1990s, downtown Greeley faced a high vacancy rate, with numerous buildings requiring attention. Colorado Preservation, Inc., alongside key community contributors, played a big part in improving the area. In 2000, CPI listed downtown Greeley on the endangered places list, sparking years of collaborative preservation efforts.

Organizations invested significant resources and time in preservation work, marketing, downtown initiatives, and creating new events and opportunities. The collaboration led to CPI declaring downtown Greeley as a saved site.

CPI also played a part in saving the POW Camp 202 stone pillars along the business loop of U.S. Highway 34. The pillars are the only remains of a 320-acre World War II prisoner-of-war camp.

“By preserving historic buildings, we not only keep the city’s unique personality but also help other places in Colorado stay protected,” shared Kellums.

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Release Date:
Jan 22, 2024

Elizabeth Kellums, Planner III – Historic Preservation
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