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City of Greeley Responding to Need for Housing the Homeless


On Dec. 6, Greeley City Council gave final budget appropriation approval for the creation of a Housing First intensive case management team.

The team will consist of a team leader and three case managers under the direction of Assistant City Manager Juliana Kitten. Their mission is to work with those with a history of chronic homelessness and experiencing complex needs in Greeley, prioritizing permanent housing and providing support services in their homes on a weekly basis.

Initially, the team will serve 35 individuals utilizing a pilot program modeled after a national program called Housing First. Additional local, state, and federal funding will be sought to support the program and other housing strategies.

The success of this model relies heavily on multiple agencies and partners working together. The city alone will not be able to sustain the full breadth of work. It will take collaboration from county health and human services, mental health, private business, and non-profit partners to truly make a lasting and meaningful impact.

Housing First is a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness. This approach is guided by the belief that people need basic necessities like food and a place to live while simultaneously receiving engagement and other supportive services. Both housing and support services continue after the person is housed to ensure housing retention.

“I’m excited to begin an evidence-based, cost-effective approach to ending homlessess for our most vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals in Greeley,” said Kitten. “It will take many people, working together, to make this program successful and see real change for those struggling for stability.”

Hearing from Residents
Earlier this year, the City of Greeley conducted a study with extensive public engagement focused on strategies and approaches to address homelessness and affordable housing issues facing the Greeley community. The consulting firm, Urbanity Advisors, provided six recommendations to address homelessness and housing alternatives in Greeley. The report was the result of several community conversations with residents, stakeholder interviews, and survey feedback. Since then, the City hired Juliana Kitten, assistant city manager, to oversee ongoing efforts to address homelessness.

Additionally, the City is already working to conduct a housing needs assessment and has begun work with providers to address homelessness’s risk and protective factors. The final report and recommendations can be found by visiting

What’s Next for the City of Greeley’s Intensive Case Management Team

A tremendous amount of collaboration among numerous partners and agencies will be utilized to provide all of the needed support to not only help clients find housing, but also to maintain it.

According to the last point-in-time count completed by the Northern Colorado Continuum of Care in January 2022, the number of chronically homeless people in Greeley was 62. The Housing First team aims to cut that number in half, with the goal of ending homelessness for 35 people in the first 12-15 months of the program.

“This pilot program will look very different than what some residents may have experienced in the past,” said Kitten. “We know Housing First works and we know it is effective.”

This is just one part of a larger strategy the city of Greeley is currently working on with its community and business partners.

For more information about the City’s efforts, please visit You can also provide your thoughts regarding homelessness in Greeley at



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Dec 7, 2022

Assistant City Manager Juliana Kitten


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