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City Wants Feedback About Bittersweet Park Through Online Survey


City of Greeley officials invite all community members to participate in a survey on Bittersweet Park and its future.

Officials will leave the survey, available in English and Spanish at, open through March 18.

The 5-10 minute survey asks residents:

  • how they feel about keeping Bittersweet Park as-is and allowing the growth plan to complete its cycle or changing the park to something else
  • how residents currently use the park, and
  • where they live in proximity to Bittersweet.

Results of the survey will help the City determine next steps for this popular and beloved park.

Recently, city officials heard many ideas about the current design and look of Bittersweet Park. In 2020, the park underwent a series of improvements based on feedback from residents. Improvements included:

  • replacement of a 30-year old, leaking irrigation system
  • construction of a new soft surface trail
  • conversion of 21 acres of high water use turf grass to alternative, water conserving grass varieties

A year and a half in, the park continues to change in appearance as the native grasses take root. There is no set amount of time for native grasses to become established; however, on average it takes three to five growing seasons in a semi-arid climate such as Greeley.

“Public feedback will help us make informed and intentional decisions about the future of Bittersweet Park,” said City of Greeley Parks Superintendent Eric Bloomer. “We encourage everyone to take our survey because we value their perspective about how they create lifelong memories in our community.”

To learn more about current and upcoming park projects throughout Greeley, visit

Release Date:
Mar 4, 2022

Eric Bloomer, parks superintendent
970- 350-9394

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