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Greeley City Council Unanimously Appoints New City Attorney

GREELEY, Colo. — The City of Greeley is pleased to announce Stacey Aurzada's appointment as the new city attorney. The City Council named Aurzada the interim city attorney following the retirement of former City Attorney Doug Marek on March 1. She has acted as interim city attorney since his departure.  


Aurzada has been with the city since 2005 and has served as deputy city attorney for 11 years. She previously served as the interim city clerk and senior assistant city attorney. Aurzada is a Greeley native and a graduate of Greeley West High School. She received a Bachelor of Social Work degree from New Mexico State University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming. 


With a notable background in municipal law and a proven record of legal acumen, Aurzada is poised to continue her unwavering commitment to the city in her new role as city attorney. Aurzada’s legal background spans over 27 years and includes a wealth of experience in navigating complex legal issues and a dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards.    


“As city attorney, Stacey brings a wealth of institutional knowledge and expertise,” said Mayor John Gates. “This appointment marks a pivotal step forward in our commitment to integrity and service to the community. With Stacey leading the way, we are ready to tackle upcoming challenges and work towards a brighter future for all residents.”  


“I am honored that City Council has chosen to appoint me to serve the City of Greeley as the city attorney,” said Aurzada. “I love this community and have had the opportunity to work with amazing mentors and colleagues in my 19 years with the City of Greeley. We have a talented team in the City Attorney’s Office, and I look forward to leading them as we continue to provide the best legal services to the City of Greeley.” 


Her first day in her new role was June 26.    



Release Date:
Jul 2, 2024

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