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Greeley Releases Draft Water Efficiency Plan for Public Comment

City of Greeley Water & Sewer released a draft Water Efficiency Plan for a 60-day public comment period and seeks feedback from community members.

The plan outlines measurable goals, strategies and programs for Greeley’s long-term water savings. The Water Conservation Act of 2004 requires all major water providers to create water efficiency plans every seven years.

Virtual open house meetings

Greeley Water will host two virtual open houses to discuss the key sections of the Water Efficiency Plan. Officials invite all Greeley residents to attend and share their input and ideas on the draft Plan:

This plan updates Greeley’s original 2008 Water Conservation Plan and focuses on how to advance water conservation efforts and expand Greeley’s ability to:

  • Maximize cost-saving opportunities for the City, single- and multi-family residential customers, and commercial users
  • Reach clear, measurable water conservation goals to ultimately reduce total water demand by 2,034 acre-feet of water savings by 2030 (an acre-foot is almost enough to cover a football field one foot deep)
  • Offer connections to other water-related plans, projects and programs, such as the Drought Emergency Plan (2021), the Non-Potable Water Master Plan (2021), the Water Transmission and Distribution Master Plan (2021), and more

Greeley's water conservation program has been a leader since 1907 and has seen the long- and short-term benefits of a strong conservation program. Continued water efficiency reduces water demand, which can not only improve drought resilience but can reduce the high costs of new infrastructure.

Officials ask anyone unable to attend either of the open houses to consider reviewing the Plan and submitting a comment through the Water Conservation website.



Release Date:
Aug 9, 2022

Dena Egenhoff, water conservation manager


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