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Greeley’s Water Conservation Efforts Propel City to Top-5 Finish in Mayor’s Challenge

Way to go, Greeley!

In April, Greeley residents pledged to change their daily routines to save water. Simple actions, such as fixing leaky faucets and turning off sprinklers when it rains, propelled Greeley to a Top-5 finish in the 2023 Mayor’s Challenge. 

“A Top-5 finish is exciting,” Greeley Mayor John Gates said. “I look forward to being part of this challenge every year. I like being in a position where I can encourage Greeley residents to conserve water. The stats show we can make a difference if we commit to making small daily changes."

Greeley competed nationally against other cities with populations ranging from 100,000-299,999 vying to become the most water-wise city. The city with the highest percentage of residents taking the pledge wins. This year, the City of Gainesville, Florida, took the top spot.

Dena Egenhoff, Greeley’s water conservation manager, witnessed the impact Greeley residents have had in shaping the city’s water future. “Everyone who took the water pledge played an active role in safeguarding our future by ensuring a resilient and sustainable water supply,” Egenhoff said.

The Wyland Foundation considered Greeley residents' pledges and determined their impact over the course of a year. The results are truly astounding.

Greeley Residents' Impact on Environment

  • Water Saved:                         6,786,408 gallons
  • Plastic Bottles Used:               16,262 fewer bottles
  • Hazardous Waste Reduction:     424 pounds
  • Landfill Reduction:                   183,654 pounds
  • Electricity Savings:                458,662 kilowatt hours
  • Consumer Cost Savings:            $84,771


Mayor Gates expressed his determination to improve upon Greeley’s Top-5 finish in the upcoming year, emphasizing the city’s commitment to continued progress and excellence. For those interested in exploring Greeley’s water conservation programs, information can be found at



Release Date:
Jun 9, 2023

Dena Egenhoff, water conservation manager


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