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Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery Reopens to Public Access


Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery, located on N. 35th Avenue between F Street and O Street, will reopen for public access and use July 2, 2022.

The ponds closed in 2020 so crews could construct improvements to protect City of Greeley assets and improve the fishery.

The pond was refilled after work finished on the Water and Sewer Department’s flood protection and non-potable water storage projects. Before that, the Natural Areas and Trails Division and partners installed over 60 habitat structures within the pond—which helps create a more robust fishery in the coming years.

Work continues on new parking areas and other site amenities. Some shore and adjacent areas may be roped off to protect new landscaping.

Thanks to volunteers

The Natural Areas and Trails Division officials appreciate the many volunteer hours provided by employees of PDC Energy and Otter Box, through Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, to install new fencing and help with site cleanup and noxious weed control. Officials also want to thank the Weld County Youth Conservation Corps and the work they did to get the site ready to reopen.

Fishing at Poudre Ponds

Poudre Ponds, an 80-acre lake, is considered a warm water fishery and will be primarily stocked with panfish, bass, and perch—all well suited to the habitat at Poudre Ponds. Catfish and trout may be stocked later as the fishery matures.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will restock the pond with fish as resources are available. They recently reported the water is about 10 degrees too warm right now to successfully re-introduce fish into the pond. They will continue to monitor the pond and will proceed with restocking when conditions are suitable.

Following restocking, people planning to fish at the ponds will need to be patient as it will take time to rebuild the fishery. A valid Colorado fishing license is required.

Poudre Ponds will open 30 minutes before sunrise to 11:00 p.m. daily. Hours for the Poudre River Trail which runs through the property are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

Watercraft on Poudre Ponds

Watercraft 17 feet and under in length are allowed on the lake but cannot have petroleum-fueled motors or devices. Trailers cannot enter the water to load and unload. Boaters can back their watercraft onto the boat ramp to hand launch their watercraft. U.S Coast Guard regulations apply to all watercraft. All occupants, including those using belly boats and paddleboards, must be wearing personal floatation devices.

Per Colorado regulations, all motorboats and sailboats are required to have an ANS sticker before launching into Colorado waters.

Every boater is required by Colorado regulation to clean, d​​rain, and dry​​ their boat, trailer, and equipment every time they enter or exit any waters to prevent the transfer and introduction of invasive species into Colorado’s waters. 

Regulations also require boat operators to remove all plants and pull all water drain plugs from the conveyance prior to leaving the lake or reservoir. It is not legal to transport a conveyance over land with plants on board and plugs in place.

Get up-to-date information

Please check and for up-to-date information about this and other natural areas and trails projects and conditions. Trail users may also check Colorado Trail Explorer (COTrex) at for statewide trail information, including Greeley’s trails.

For more information about this project, contact Natural Areas & Trails Superintendent Justin Scharton at 970-350-9412 or




Release Date:
Jun 29, 2022

Natural Areas & Trails Environmental Planner Karen Scopel


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