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Census 2020 LogoEvery household in Greeley is going to receive an invitation this month to complete the 2020 Census. I encourage you to take the time to fill it out completely. Beginning March 12, households can answer census questions online, by phone, or by mail. Everyone counts, and these census numbers will determine how much funding our community receives from the federal government for things like hospitals, roads, fire departments, schools and other vital programs. This will also establish how many seats Colorado has in the House of Representatives.

What I’m saying is, this is important.

The City of Greeley and the State of Colorado rely on federal funding for many projects and initiatives. The dollar amounts we receive over the next decade are defined on census data collected in 2020. So, we need your help to make sure we are all counted.

The city is working with volunteers from local businesses and nonprofits, and fellow municipalities on a homegrown 2020 Census effort. The goal of this community-led campaign is to inform our residents about the importance of the census in local affairs. We also need to achieve a complete and accurate count of all persons in our community. You can find out more about local census efforts here.

Please, be on the lookout for your Census invitation and take a few minutes to respond. It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s confidential, and it will have an immense effect in our community over the next decade.  Completing the census is a way to participate in our democracy and say, “I count.”

Learn more about the Census at

Roy H. Otto
Greeley City Manager

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