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Your Food Tax Dollars at Work

Since 1990, Greeley has had a sales tax on food (groceries) to support funding for facilities, parks and street maintenance that benefit the entire Greeley community. Learn more about how your tax dollars are used to help Greeley take the next steps into the future.

Graphic displaying information about projects for the food tax program

Funding Critical Transportation Infrastructure and Safety Programs: 35%

As we plan for a Greeley of the future, we know that a growing population will create greater demands on our city streets and facilities. Upgrades to high trafficked roads, expanded bus service and routes, and safety improvements to Greeley’s major transportation corridors ensures Greeley residents get to where they need to go.

Funding Support Services for Kids, Seniors and People with Disabilities: 27%

Greeley is a great place to raise families, and we want to continue to make sure it continues to be a great home for all our residents, now and for future generations. That’s why the city prioritizes programs to address basic needs and improve the quality of life so that our families, friends and neighbors can continue to afford to live and work here.

Funding Amenities like Culture, Parks and Recreation: 29%

Additional tax revenue is invested into different community programs so that we are continuously making Greeley a better place to live. This includes improving our public parks, updating our arts and culture facilities, and more.

Rebate Program

The City of Greeley reserves a portion of this tax each year to reduce or eliminate the financial burden on our low-income neighbors. This rebate program allows low-income residents to apply for money back for sales tax paid the previous year.

Introduced in 1990, Greeley voters have continued to value hardworking neighbors by renewing the Food Tax Rebate Program at the ballot. In 2024, Greeley expanded its assistance programs to include relief with utility billing, which allows low-income households to apply for a credit on their water bill.

Apply for a Rebate:

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