Household Occupancy Standards

The City of Greeley is considering modifying the number of unrelated adults that may live in a single-family house. In most areas, the City currently allows no more than two unrelated individuals to live in a single household. This “You plus 1” (U+1) standard has been in place since 1980. Changing household occupancy standards does not impact the number of units allowed. For example, changing the standard would not allow duplexes or apartments in neighborhoods zoned for single-family dwellings. Adjusting household occupancy standards would allow more unrelated people to share a single-family house.

The Housing Task Force, Development Code Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council directed staff to explore increasing the number of unrelated people allowed in response to increasing housing costs, limited housing supply, and changing demographics. Particular interest revolved around the idea of basing the number of unrelated adults allowed on the number of bedrooms in the home. 

The Latest

March 30: Planning Commission Worksession

Planning Commission will be discussing household occupancy standards at a virtual worksession on March 30 at 1:15 PM. We anticipate that the Chair will allow the public to speak at this worksession. For instructions on how to join and participate at the worksession and to view the packet materials, please click here

No formal action is taken at a worksession, but it allows Planning Commission the opportunity to discuss the topic and provide further direction. Any formal action or adoption of a code update would require public hearings with Planning Commission and City Council at future meetings.

March 9: Planning Commission Worksession

Click here to view Planning Commission’s worksession on household occupancy standards.

March 1: Virtual Public Open House
City of Greeley staff hosted virtual information session and Q&A via Zoom on March 1 to provide information about household occupancy standards and potential changes. To view the recorded webinar, click here.

February 9: City Council Worksession
Click here to view City Council’s worksession on household occupancy standards.

January 12: Planning Commission Worksession

Click here to view Planning Commission’s worksession on household occupancy standards.

Public Input

In an effort to collect input and initial thoughts about the topic of household occupancy standards, the City posted two public surveys. The surveys were not designed to be scientific and should not be construed as a representative sample of the community. Rather, the surveys provided an opportunity for interested community members to provide their thoughts.

Common concerns shared from respondents not favoring increasing the allowance were: parking/traffic, property maintenance, overcrowding, density/character, noise, trash, crime, and property values. Common themes shared from respondents in favor of increasing the allowance were: increased flexibility, privacy, unaffordability, changing demographics, housing stability, and economic development.

Survey results are provided below:

Final Survey Data 1

Final Survey Data 2


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