Household Occupancy Standards

The City of Greeley is considering modifying the number of unrelated adults that may live in a single-family house. In most areas, the City currently allows no more than two unrelated individuals to live in a single household. This “You plus 1” (U+1) standard has been in place since 1980. Changing household occupancy standards does not impact the number of units allowed. For example, changing the standard would not allow duplexes or apartments in neighborhoods zoned for single-family dwellings. Adjusting household occupancy standards would just allow more unrelated people to share a single-family house.  Check out this presentation to get the full picture.

City staff consulted with the Housing Task Force and Code Advisory Committee. These groups suggested that the allowance be increased to accommodate additional unrelated occupants in response to increasing housing costs, limited housing supply, and changing demographics. At a work session on January 12, 2021, the Greeley Planning Commission also generally favored an increase.

At a work session on February 9, City Council directed staff and the Planning Commission to explore tying the number of unrelated individuals allowed to share a house to the number of bedrooms in the house.

City staff is working to draft a proposal in accordance with City Council's direction. Public hearings will be held with Planning Commission and City Council in the future to consider the change.

The Latest

March 1: Virtual Open House
City of Greeley staff will hold a virtual information session and Q&A via Zoom on March 1 at 6:00 PM to provide information about household occupancy standards. The standards currently allow no more than two unrelated adults to share a home in most Greeley neighborhoods. The informational session will present some background on the topic, discuss the reasons for reevaluating the standards, and outline potential changes.

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City Council Presentations
City Council work session February 9, 2021 (2.09.2021)

Take the Surveys

Click here to take survey #2 and offer your thoughts on household occupancy based on number of bedrooms. Estimated time to take survey: 2 minutes.

Click here to take survey #1 and offer your thoughts on general household occupancy. Estimated time to take survey: 1 minute.

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Household Occupancy Survey Results

The City received 254 responses on survey #1 by January 25, 2021. So far, 62% of respondents favor allowing more unrelated people to share a home. Proponents generally mention the lack of housing and unaffordability of housing as reasons to increase the allowance. Respondents who favor keeping the current allowance often share concerns related to nuisances such as parking.

Survey 1 Data_2.24.2021

Survey 2 Data_2.24.2021


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