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Planning and Zoning

Current Planning staff, through review of new development projects, ensure that the long range plans of the City are implemented and that new development adheres to the City´s codes and regulations. Every new project is different and City Planners work with developers, architects, engineers, attorneys, and neighborhood representatives to achieve a balanced integration between new development and the built environment.


Development Code Update 2021

City Council recently approved the adoption of a new development code, with an effective date of October 1, 2021. The updated code provides options for additional housing types on smaller lots, reorganizes and reformats the code into easy-to-use chapters, and better aligns with the city’s plans and priorities. The new development code replaces the entirety of Title 24 of the Greeley Municipal Code. However, at this time, the new development code has not been codified and it is not expected to be available on Municode until early 2022. In the interim, please click the button below to access the new code.


Planning Services

Planner-on-Call/Engineer-on-call: The Planner-on-Call ("POC") and Engineer-on-Call ("EOC") services are a brief phone or email chat, lasting less than 10 minutes. It is intended to answer general questions or direct the customer to more information so they can explore a concept further on their own. Response time is within 1 business day.

Concept Meeting: This inquiry process assigns a case planner and development engineer to review the customer's question, and conducts a phone, video, or in-person consultation regarding a specific, planned project. Staff will familiarize themselves with the property and the questions prior to contacting the customer and will conduct a phone or zoom call lasting about 45 minutes. The goal is the customer has a clear idea of whether they'd like to proceed with an application, if they need to seek further consultation from a private vendor (planning firm, engineer, or surveyor), or if they're ready to proceed. Response time is 7-14 days.

Pre-Application Meeting ("PAM"): Once a customer has decided to progress and has informed themselves of the general process, associated regulations, and secured the professional engineering and design services necessary, they are ready to schedule a pre-application conference to review the specific requirements and documents needed to apply for a specific development review process. The planner will schedule a 1-hour meeting to review the specific requirements and answer questions for customers to develop an application for development review. Response time is generally 7-14 days, but PAMs are qualified prior to scheduling. The Planner-on-Call can provide the forms and information required. More complex case types may require a Pre-Submittal meeting, so that the planner can review the customer's prepared application and verify that it is completed to the level of detail required.

Who provides general guidance and advice on what I should do? Greeley Planning and Engineering staff are restricted to independently and objectively reviewing customer applications solely for conformance with the adopted City Code, adopted Plans, and regulations. Staff are bound by a code of professional ethics to refrain from advocating for a customer's project or assisting with project design. If one needs advice, advocacy, or assistance developing the required information, it is strongly recommended that customers engage a private planning or engineering service to help build a successful case.

Current Planning

Our current planners partner with other city staff to review proposals for development of all sizes and complexity in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Forms for each type of land use application can be found below.

Land Use Application Submittal

eTRAKiT Land Use Submittals

Note: Beginning March 14, 2022, a 2.8% convenience fee will be charged for all credit card transactions. There is no convenience fee for payment by eCheck.

Land Use Application Submittal

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Review Process

Parcel and Zoning Lookup

View Greeley's Development Code here.

View Greeley's Official Zoning Map here (PDF, 7mb)

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