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Water Conservation

The City of Greeley is proud to have a long history of water stewardship here in northern Colorado. Since 1907, we’ve provided safe, high-quality water supplies for our residents while ensuring a reliable supply for the future. One of the many ways we’re safeguarding your water supply is through water conservation. In fact, Greeley offers one of the most robust water conservation programs in Colorado.

With just over 13 inches of rainfall per year, Greeley is considered a semi-arid climate. This means local water supplies are scarce and must be used very wisely. To help customers save water indoors as well as outdoors, Greeley provides a wide range of water conservation programs and services that benefit a variety of water users.

Water Efficiency Plan

The City of Greeley’s Water Efficiency Plan is a roadmap of strategic objectives and water conservation programs to ensure future water supplies. The Water Efficiency Plan was approved by the Water and Sewer Board, Planning Commission and City Council in 2022. The main objectives of the plan are to maximize widespread efficiency in all indoor water use, set goals for more resilient landscapes, and educate customers on water use goals. It will provide direction on how to advance water conservation efforts and build citywide capacity to:

  • Create efficiencies and consistencies among policies, plans, projects, and programs
  • Maximize cost-saving opportunities
  • Create goals with clear measurements for success

Press Releases

Greeley Water Receives $21 Million in Additional Funding for Lead Service Line Inventory

Release Date:
Mar 22, 2024

Keri Fishlock, engineer
(970) 350-9240

GREELEY, Colo. — Greeley’s Water and Sewer Department received approval for a $21 million state revolving fund loan to help the city locate and replace all remaining water service lines containing lead in Greeley.  The approval includes $10 million in loan forgiveness, eliminating the need for a 1.1% water rate increase to fund the Lead Protection Program.

The city seeks financial assistance for capital projects whenever possible to lessen the impact on Greeley’s ratepayers.

“I’m proud the city has taken a proactive approach to finding and removing service lines that contain lead,” said Keri Fishlock, a City of Greeley engineer who oversees the Lead Protection Program. “This project will benefit generations to come, and this loan helps reduce the burden of funding it.”

The Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority Board approved the city’s application for the federally subsidized loan on March 8. This program funds capital improvement projects that ensure clean drinking water for Colorado residents.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funds the program. It sets aside $15 billion for lead service line replacements by public water systems. Greeley will use the secured funding to replace customers’ lead service lines for free.

Greeley Water Continues to Pursue Funding

The $21 million federal loan follows a $250,000 grant Greeley Water received last November from the Colorado Water Quality Control Division. That grant is helping Greeley Water complete an inventory of water service lines that contain lead and identify needed replacements.

What’s On Tap for 2024?

The Lead Protection Team has some ambitious goals this year:

  • Conduct service line inspections in approximately 5,000 basements
  • Complete pothole inspections at over 1,000 properties
  • Continue service line replacements at more than 200 properties

Greeley Water works with businesses, residential property owners, schools and childcare centers to identify potential lead service lines, test water for lead, and take appropriate actions based on those results. Learn more at


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