Bulk Water Station

The City of Greeley has opened its first Bulk Water Station at 535 1st Ave., which allows construction contractors and oil and gas companies to collect necessary watergray box with blue siding faster at one central point rather than tap from slower water hydrants across the city for their fracking or dust-control needs.

This is an easier, less-cumbersome method of purchasing and collecting your bulk water. It allows you to collect your water in half the time. This method also allows for a greater method of data collection and accountability.

Contractors can purchase water at the station with a credit card, or by creating an online account.

The Bulk Water Station has many advantages for companies:

  • It eliminates the need to rent a water meter through the city.

  • It disperses water much faster with much less waste than hydrants.

  • It allows for greater accountability of water purchasing and use within company structures.

How to use the Bulk Water Station

For credit cards only:

Credit card machine face

  • Hook up your hose
  • Swipe credit card
  • Enter the quantity of water you need
  • Verify your hose is connected; press start
  • Press 'FP' to pause the station if needed

If you have an account: 

  • Hook up your hose
  • Put in your access code
  • Enter your personal identification number (PIN)
  • Enter the quantity of water you need
  • Verify your hose is connected; press start
  • Press 'FP' to pause the station if needed

Handy tips

  • To connect to the system, you must have a 3-inch male Cam-lock fitting.
  • The system delivers water consistently at a rate of 550 gallons per minute, but it will not spray out with the extreme pressures of a hydrant. That means much less water is wasted.
  • The system automatically starts and stops with extreme accuracy. This sytem can fill a 2,000 gallon truck in 4 minutes -- double the amount of a hydrant.
  • Contractors can assign a different PIN to each truck in their fleet, creating specific accounting per truck of water collected, times, dates, and amounts.
  • Water rates are some of the lowest around at $12.02 per 1,000 gallons. 

Location and map

Map to Bulk Water Station in Greeley

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