Lawn Installation and Variances

A lawn, seed, sod or over-seeding variance is required for installation, replacement, patching or renovation of any lawn area over 250 square feet or greater. 

Since over half of the water used is by customers to water lawns and landscaping, Greeley requires lawn watering variances to establish water-wise lawns and protect your investment.  Because of the low organic matter in front range soils and in Greeley, we require the addition of compost which will result in a healthier and more drought tolerant turf. The addition of compost will help you save up to 30 percent more water during the establishment period.


Best Practices
Installing New Seed or Sod
Watering a New Lawn



If you correctly amend your soil and bring proof of the proper installation, we will issue you a variance to water a 30 day period. During the lawn establishment period, your water budget allotment will be increased (gallons per square feet) to establish the new lawn.  It is important to note that if you water more than the new lawn needs, you have a leak or water the entire lawn the same as the new lawn or water while raining, you can still exceed your water budget. Please note that any days within your billing period before or after the variance period will be billed according to the water budget.  You will get more water but not more water to waste.

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