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Rates and Fees

The Greeley Water and Sewer Department works to keep costs as low as possible while doing what is necessary to provide our community with a secure and reliable supply of water and sewer services. Greeley Water and Sewer is a user-pay enterprise. This means that all of the money we have to spend on our system comes from what our customers pay us in water fees and what developers pay us to tap into our system. No tax revenues go to the water or sewer system. Below is an explanation of Greeley’s monthly water and sanitary sewer rates.

For more specific account billing information contact the Finance Department at 970-350-9729 or visit the Finance Department's utility billing page. You can also pay your water bill online

Water and Sewer Rates

Greeley’s water and sewer customers are billed every month. Your monthly bill consists of fixed service and consumption charges for every 1,000 gallons of water used or sewage treated. Sewer charges vary based on customer classes or how much system capacity the customer uses. For instance, a restaurant puts more load on the wastewater treatment plant than a single-family residence does and, therefore, pays a higher rate. Water customers who are outside the city limits pay a higher rate for service because they did not help pay for the original system construction.

WATER | Water and Sewer Rates

Water Use Charge per 1,000 Gallons
Fixed Monthly Water Service Charge
Wastewater Use Charge per 1,000 Gallons
Fixed Monthly Wastewater Charge

Charges for a New Water or Sewer Tap

Water and the capacity to deliver drinking water and collect and treat wastewater are valuable commodities in Greeley. New connections to the water and sewer system create additional demands on those systems. Growth pays its own way by supplying the  raw water, paying plant investment fees, and building the water and sewer lines in a new development. “Raw water” in the form of water rights is provided by the developer so the filter plants have water to process and supply to new customers. The City uses “plant investment fees” to pay for expanded treatment plant capacity. Water and sewer lines in a new development are given to the City for operation and maintenance. 

New residential development must supply three acre-feet of raw water for every acre of land in the development. For small developments, a payment of cash-in-lieu of water rights may be accepted. The cash-in-lieu rate changes periodically to reflect the price of Colorado-Big Thompson water. Commercial development must supply raw water in proportion to the size of the water tap needed. For more information, please contact Development Review at 970-336-4120.

Plant Investment Fees

Plant Investment Fees or PIF 's are calculated by tap size. 

This fee will not apply when an existing non-residential building is converted to residential use, if a professional architect or engineer certifies that the existing tap is sufficient to support the intended use. 

Tap fees usually change on March 1 of each year.

WATER | Plant Investment Fees

Plant Investment Fees Based on Tap Size

Once raw water and plant investment fees are satisfied, the Water & Sewer Department drills the tap and sets the new meter (see costs listed below). For details, please contact Development Review at 970-336-4120. Connection from the curb stop valve or the sewer main to the building is the owner's responsibility.

WATER | Additional Fees

Residential and Commercial Meter Fees
Sewer Installation Costs

Inspection Fees for New Water & Sewer Mains

An inspection fee of $2.85 per linear foot is required for all new potable water non-potable water mains, sewer mains, and new fire mains, in addition to all new fire line installations in public rights-of way.

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