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Water Blog

  • Make Your Water Budget Work for You

    Budgets help us keep our money in check, but did you know that as a resident of Greeley, the city helps you keep your water bill in check?  Every month, the city ratepayers who stay within their allotted budget pay the lowest price per 1,000 gallons. The rates are tiered, but they are personalized to your household, so extra usage means a steeper rate in the higher tiers. 
  • Water Budget Part II -- Summer management tips

    Your water budget is not only set for the number of people in your household, the size of your yard and the weather.  So you are going to have a bigger budget in July than you will in June and August. The city allows an ample water budget for your yard, but sometimes, if you overwater to compensate for the heat, you will go over your water budget.
  • Algal Blooms Can Affect Water Quality, but It’s Safe to Drink

    Summer’s warmer temperatures provide an excellent breeding ground for algal blooms in source water reservoirs. The molecules from these algal blooms can release a swampy or earthy taste and odor into the water. Despite the undesirable taste and odor, the water is still safe to drink.
  • Don’t Flush It!

    Governor Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 23-150, which requires manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers to properly label packages of disposable wipes with a “Do Not Flush” label.

  • Greeley Continues Protecting Source Water from Wildfires

    Despite experiencing above-average precipitation this year in Northern Colorado, the onset of the wildfire season has merely been delayed. In observance of Source Water Protection Week (September 24-30) the American Water Works Association commends water utilities’ endeavors to safeguard this vital resource.
  • How to Water Trees in the Fall and Winter

    During the fall and winter water trees depending on weather, temperature, and soil conditions. You should water in the winter when it is above 40 degrees and when there is no snow cover.
  • Major upgrades will ensure year-round water treatment consistency

    You didn’t notice, did you? Greeley’s summer water, which has sometimes been the source of taste and odor complaints in the past, remained complaint-free this summer. That’s a statistic the city is working to keep on trend as investments are made in our treatment plants, and out certified water operators continue perfecting the process to keep water great-tasting all year.
  • 10 Fall Landscaping Tips

    Here are 10 helpful landscaping tips for fall in Colorado. 
  • Aug. 30, 2021 -- Drought uncomfortably hits the West; Greeley’s water portfolio is stable

    While Colorado and the West have regularly faced compromised water from shrinking rivers and forest fire damage, Greeley has weathered the storm a bit better than most. The City has been able to tap into its many water sources to fill the gaps left by fires and drought that plague the Rocky Mountain West – a vital part of the city’s water planning that stems back at least 100 years. But now is no time to rest. 
  • Aug. 19 -- Re-imagining Bittersweet Park will save the city millions of gallons of water

    You may have noticed a change or two at Bittersweet Park. Taller grass, perhaps a tad less-manicured? What may look a little wild to some really is a look of au naturale to the city and water conservationists.  The park was “reimagined” into one that practices what Greeley preaches: using xeriscaping and low-water, native plants and grasses instead of non-native, water-thirsty ones.

  • Aug. 2, 2021 -- Greeley water leaders work daily to ensure safe, reliable, diverse system

    Water in the West has been a complicated issue for more than 150 years; and modern Western water law began here in Greeley. To this day, water availability and security are at the forefront of the city’s future planning. With continued drought and the effects of forest fires on our drinking water, finding inventive ways to save this precious resource has become a critical issue throughout the West. Greeley water officials are leading the way.

  • July 26, 2021 - Years of relationship building helps Greeley keep water flowing in wake of fires

    When fires destroy a community’s watershed, the main source of water supply, many cities would be hard-pressed to clean up their supply without disruption. But Greeley has several different sources from which to draw its drinking water, and it has built great relationships with other water providers to work together in difficult times.
  • July 19, 2021 -- Keeping water costs low with nonpotable expansion

    As the city of Greeley grows, so too does its expenses. Water prices, especially, can make growth a painful prospect for a city and its residents. But Greeley’s water leadership continues to find innovative ways to navigate such expenses without passing overly-burdensome costs onto ratepayers.
  • July 12, 2021 --Greeley's water quality results are in!

    In 20 years of testing, Greeley’s drinking water has yet to violate state guidelines, and the news is no different this year. The latest Water Quality Report, which reveals how Greeley’s water performed on state testing, reveals similar results, giving Greeley’s drinking water a clean bill of health.
  • June 21, 2021 -- Try your hand at gardening with the fall Garden in a Box program

    Have you always wanted to try your hand at gardening or xeriscape and didn’t know where to start? Greeley’s Garden in a Box program is an easy way to dip your toe in the water with ready-made planting guides and plant pairings to make the perfect water-wise home garden.
  • June 14, 2021 -- Greeley's free irrigation audits help your lawn save you money

    The City of Greeley is just as invested in conserving water as you are for saving money on your summer watering bill.That's why the city offers free irrigation audits to residents, which have been shown to help residential customers become 13 percent more efficient in their water usage.
  • Saving water with digital technology

    As with practically everything else in the modern world, digital technology is transforming our daily lives. Watches monitor our health; phones recognize our voices; our cars practically drive for us. Soon, the city of Greeley will embark on an important project to start saving water with digital technology.

  • May 17, 2021 - Last summer's fires still echo in Greeley's high mountain reservoirs

    Greeley’s drinking water comes from mountain snowmelt into six high mountain reservoirs. But when summer forest fires damage our watersheds, it can create a big problem. Watershed Recovery Video
  • Water Wisely Tips

    Today’s irrigation systems include sophisticated controllers that allow you to easily adjust watering schedules to fit different needs.  Here are some tips. 
  • Don’t Flush It!

    With reports of increased sewer system blockages across the country, Greeley officials want to remind residents to be careful about what they flush.

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