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A Legacy Of Efficiency: Greeley's Water Budget


We all know that, as a limited natural resource, water should be used wisely. But what does that look like in practice? The City of Greeley provides a blueprint.

Our history of water efficiency goes back to 1907, when we completed our original treated water system. We’ve been fully metered since 1997, enabling us to show our customers exactly how much water they’re using. And in 2013, we began putting an informational water budget on all single-family residential customers’ bills, showing them how much water they actually need.

GWB_calculation graphic_vertical_webThe next step? A rate structure based on that water budget, set to go into effect in early 2017.

Since every customer’s water budget is unique – based on family size, irrigable area, and real-time weather – a water budget rate structure is the most equitable way to promote and reward water efficiency. While you’ll still be charged only for the water you use, the new rate structure ensures you’ll pay the lowest rate when you stay within your budget.

Greeley’s new water budget program is more than just an updated billing system. It’s a reflection of the city’s goal to continue to promote efficient water use.

We want to make sure that everyone’s water budget reflects their unique needs, so check out efficiencyrewarded.com to verify your information and get your questions answered.

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