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4 Ways to Protect Water from Drugs and Chemicals

Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Drugs Down DrainDon't dump drugs down the drain. Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal at Prescription Drug Take Back Day.  

Saturday, April 29
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Greeley Police Department,
2045 10th Street

Sam’s Club Parking Lot,
3247 23rd Avenue

University of Northern Colorado,
2045 10th Avenue (north parking lot)

The following items cannot be accepted: needles, mercury (thermometers), oxygen containers, chemotherapy or radioactive substances, pressurized canisters, and illicit drugs.


Water Quality and Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products
Every day the average adult uses nine personal care products that contain 126 unique compounds that could end up in our water. In addition to traces of products like shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, and cosmetics, minute amounts of prescription and over-the-counter drugs also make their way into water. They should be limited or prevented from entering our environment. 

Greeley’s Water Pollution Control Facility meets and often exceeds EPA, State and local requirements. Due to greater analytical sensitivity, very tiny amounts of compounds and drugs can be detected in conventional treatment plant outflow and end up in creeks, streams, and rivers. . While there is no evidence these traces pose a risk to human health, scientists can sometimes find interference with aquatic organisms, and studies continue. Meanwhile, it's prudent to control what we put into water, and everyone's help is important. 

In addition to following product recommendations for use and disposal and decreasing use when possible, you can help keep water clean by simply not flushing unused medication down the toilet!  Controlling what goes down the drain is the easiest and most effective way to protect the environment, and you can start today!

Don’t Pollute Stormdrains

As stated by the EPA, stormwater pollution is the #1 cause of water pollution in the country. Stormwater  - it’s a big deal! Motor oil, sediment, yard waste/leaves, biodegradable materials, and paint are common pollutants that should never be put down the storm drain. These materials will travel directly into lakes and rivers untreated, polluting water and natural habitats.  The storm drainage system is designed to convey rain water to our local lakes and rivers. Businesses and residents all need to be aware of what is allowed and not allowed into the storm drain system.  Only rain to the drain!

Dispose of Hazardous Household Materials
Turn in household hazardous waste products, such as batteries, solvents, paints, pesticides and similar materials at the Weld County Household Hazardous Waste Site at 1311 N. 17th Avenue.  The site is open every Tuesday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

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