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Water Press Releases

City of Greeley Approves Water Utility Rates for 2024

Release Date:
Dec 22, 2023

Erik Dial, Deputy Director of Utility Finance and Customer Service

GREELEY, Colo. — The City of Greeley, through its Water and Sewer Board, approved new water utility rates for 2024. The rates take effect Jan. 1, 2024. The rates support ongoing investments necessary to provide residents with safe, reliable, and great-tasting water.

Most Greeley residents will see their average monthly utility bill for water, sewer, and stormwater services increase by about $7.84.

Deputy Director of Utility Finance and Customer Service Erik Dial shared that the Greeley Water and Sewer Department received a $13.8 million grant to build a crucial water transmission pipeline. The pipeline safeguards against potential water disruptions from wildfires, floods, and other hazards.

The grant, called Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities, enables the city to minimize water rate adjustments.

"Greeley Water and Sewer secured several grants in 2023 totaling $18.125 million. That has helped lessen the impact on ratepayers,” Dial said. “Securing this funding means that future rate increases are lower. Our water system will continue to be reliable. Public health is essential.”

Understanding the Costs

  • $2.53 for water— Supports important projects for water supply and storage. Helps fund the location and removal of water service lines that contain lead.
  • $2.80 for sewer— Ensures compliance with environmental regulations for wastewater treatment.
  • $2.51 for stormwater— Upgrades storm drains to prevent flooding and protect our rivers.

This estimate covers an average-sized house and yard. Weather, property size, and type of watering affect your bill.

Recognizing that some customers may struggle with water utility expenses, the city has introduced a low-income assistance program in 2024. It will run alongside the city’s food tax rebate program. Learn more about utility assistance at

Protecting Public Safety and Financing a Growing Community

The city council approved the new stormwater fees earlier this year. This funding allows larger pipes to minimize flooding and protect homes and businesses.

These new fees help the community prepare for anticipated growth. The city's water system requires regular investments to stay reliable.


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