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Water Press Releases

City of Greeley will Upgrade to Wireless Water Meter Reading Technology

Release Date:
Jun 18, 2021

For more information, media representatives should contact:

Sean Chambers, Water and Sewer Department director

The City of Greeley will begin replacing its oldest water meters in July with new, enhanced equipment that helps residents better monitor their water usage. Utility Metering Solutions (UMS), an industry expert in water meter projects, will complete the meter replacement work.

Replacement meters will meet current industry standards and have the capability to record and transmit more frequent read data than the old meters. This enhanced access to meter data will empower Greeley customers to manage their water use and budgets and allow for better leak detection and improved customer service. With these upgrades, customers can access improved functionality in their WaterSmart dashboard—which allows Greeley customers to monitor their water use and make adjustments to best manage their accounts.

“The advanced water meters pave a path for customers to make water smart choices,” said Dena Egenhoff, manager of Greeley’s Water Conservation department. "By being able to efficiently detect, analyze, and minimize leaks, the new system supports the City of Greeley’s commitment to efficient water use and protecting our natural resources. The new system will provide customers with up-to-date water usage data so they can best manage their account.  Managing your water bills and detecting leaks before they cause water damage are as simple as logging into Greeley’s WaterSmart Portal at"

In recent years, the city has replaced 2,000 meters as they failed due to age and is imperative. Officials plan to begin the phased meter upgrades in mid-July, 2021; 6,250 meters will be installed through the end of the year and 6,250 will be installed in 2022. In total, the city plans to replace 29,500 meters in the coming years.

During installation, contractors working on behalf of the City of Greeley will provide advanced notice of work. Before leaving the site, crews will test the new water meter by running about 1 to 2 gallons of water from an exterior hose or faucet. Crews will leave door hangers at the main entrance to the property to inform customers of the status of the visit.

UMS employees will be supervised by the City of Greeley personnel, wear yellow or gray UMS shirts, jackets, or vests, and have successfully completed a comprehensive background check. Contractor vehicles will also be clearly marked with the "UMS" logo.

To learn more, please visit the City of Greeley website at or call the Water and Sewer Department at 970-350-9811.

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