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Water Press Releases

Greeley Water Supplies and Storage Deemed Ample for Outdoor Watering

Release Date:
May 24, 2023

Dena Egenhoff, water conservation manager
(970) 350-9846

The City of Greeley’s Water and Sewer Board declared in April that 2023 is an adequate water year. As a result, Greeley residents can continue to water their lawns, gardens, and outdoor landscapes between April 15 and October 31.

The above-average snowpack and low temperatures in the high mountains mean a lot of the snowpack hasn’t made it to our rivers yet. River flows have increased from the recent rainstorms. Greeley’s water resources staff confirmed that reservoirs are either full or filling and anticipates the Cache la Poudre and Big Thompson runoff to peak in early June.  Even though current water supplies are ample, residents are reminded to remain water-wise.  

Wet Spring Continues across Northern Colorado

Greeley averages 6.41 inches of precipitation each year through May 21. So far, Greeley has received 8.03 inches of rainfall this year, which is 1.6 inches above average. And Greeley should receive more rain later this week. This wet weather has helped conserve water supplies.  

“At this time, we continue 'normal' watering rules and encourage our community to use water wisely,” said Dena Egenhoff, Greeley’s Water and Sewer’s water conservation manager. “Water is a limited resource in the West. Using water wisely is the right choice for Greeley.”

Summer Outlook for Residents

  • Water supplies are ample for maintaining an attractive and healthy landscape.
  • Continue to conserve water by watering turf grass 2-4 times per week, as needed.
  • No watering between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to reduce water waste. 
  • Watering longer on fewer days promotes deeper soil saturation and deeper, healthier roots.

The Best Time to Water

Evaporation on hot, windy days contributes to water loss during daytime irrigation. That’s why residents are directed not to water during the middle of the day. The best time to irrigate is after sunset and before sunrise so plants can better utilize the water, and residents can get the greatest savings.


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