Terry Ranch Aquifer Storage Facts

The Terry Ranch Project is an underground water supply and storage project that could provide Greeley 1.2 million acre-feet of water to meet the needs of the city’s growing population.  

A Proven Way to Store Water

Injecting water underground for storage and recovery is a very common practice, but it is new to Greeley. Using groundwater is very Water Providers In Colorado Using Groundwater. After extensive investigation, the City has determined there is low risk to Terry Ranch water from surface contamination. And, the water will not be subject to evaporation as with reservoirs, or contaminated with forest fire runoff.


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Terry Ranch | Facts FAQ

How is the Terry Ranch aquifer storage water different from the city’s existing groundwater?
Is Terry Ranch water affected by droughts or fires like our high mountain reservoirs?
Could the Terry Ranch groundwater become contaminated from surface sources?
How will Greeley be able to store water underground if the aquifer is already full of water?
Is Greeley buying the right to store water underground?

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Websites and Texts

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