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Terry Ranch Water Quality

Greeley has some of the best-tasting water in the country. In 2017, the city won first place from the American Water Works Association for the best tasting water in the country. Regardless of the source of water, the city is committed to providing safe, clean, great-tasting water for our customers. We do that with our top-notch water treatment facilities and our planned treatment program at Terry Ranch.

It is essential that the city ensures the Terry Ranch Property water is safe for use and every possible test is being used to make sure this water is a good investment. The city collected over 7,000 water quality data points and analyzed the water for over 575 contaminants.  Our studies show that the Terry Ranch water will meet the city’s high water quality standards and can be developed at a lower cost than other options.

Ion Exchange - The Terry Ranch Uranium Removal Process

The Terry Ranch water will be treated by a process called ion exchange, which operates like a water softener. Greeley operated a pilot ion exchange system at Terry Ranch for 30 days and conclusively proved it can remove all detectable uranium.

Listen to Laurie Sullivan, a senior project manager with Brown and Caldwell in Denver, explain the ion exchange treatment process:

Uranium removal

See the chart below to learn how the city will remove low-levels of naturally occurring uranium from Terry Ranch water when the city needs it for drought supplementation.
Uranium Removal Illustration


Terry Ranch | Water Quality

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