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There is a reason the City of Greeley has award-winning water. Even with some of the most stubborn raw water that comes from various source to our treatment plants, our dedicated team of water treatment professionals work hard to ensure this water is the most pristine before it makes it to Greeley customers. That idea has not changed with Terry Ranch. The city has undertaken extensive testing (more than 7,000 data points) on the water to ensure it can be treated to the high standards we’ve come to trust, and the results have been peer-reviewed by third party consultants to ensure accuracy. The following is the results of that testing.

Engineering Report Vol. I

Engineering Report Vol. II

Uranium Treatment Pilot Report

Water Quality Corrosion & Metal Release Report

Oil & Gas Risk discussion

Water Quality Sampling and Analysis Plan

Geochemisty & Pilot Injection Test Report

Fluid Compatibility Study

Meadow Springs Ranch Biosolids Technical report

Terry Ranch Water Quality study

Upper Laramie Geologic Cross Sections

Water Providers in Colorado Using Groundwater

Contamination Risk Report

Brown & Caldwell- Final Inspection Report

LRE Water - Final Terry Ranch Aquifer

Peer Review Reports

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