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See below to download documents from our Historic Preservation division.

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Certificates of Designation and Certificates of Approval can be submitted online using eTRAKiT.

Brochures and Educational Materials

Builders tips for Historic PropertiesPDF293.80 KB Download
Building History WorkshopPDF3.58 MB Download
Historic Preservation 101PDF13.93 MB Download
From Colony to CityPDF2.77 MB Download
Downtown Greeley Design GuidelinesPDF3.41 MB Download
Monroe Ave District Designation PlanPDF72.58 KB Download
General Design Review GuidelinesPDF370.07 KB Download
Monroe Ave District PropertiesPDF19.66 KB Download
Historic Register MapPDF1.95 MB Download
Greeley Historic RegisterPDF175.56 KB Download


Greeley Historic Resource Survey Plan FinalPDF6.41 MB Download
2016 Historic Preservation Annual ReportPDF512.32 KB Download
Greeley 8th Avenue Survey ReportPDF2.91 MB Download
8th Ave Eligibility MapPDF165.66 KB Download
2015 Annual Historic Preservation ReportPDF1.41 MB Download
2014 Annual Report Greeley Historic Preservation CommissionPDF716.49 KB Download
Sunrise Historical and Architectural Context ReportPDF5.32 MB Download
2013 HPC Annual ReportPDF5.72 MB Download
2010 HPC Annual ReportPDF231.49 KB Download
2011 HPC Annual ReportPDF2.41 MB Download
Greeley 7th Avenue Survey ReportPDF1.47 MB Download
2012 HPC Annual ReportPDF2.06 MB Download

Forms and Applications

Building Permit Fee Refund Policies (updated 10-2021)PDF88.65 KB Download
Building Permit Fee Refund Application (revised 10-2021)PDF68.44 KB Download
Loan Application ProceduresPDF42.80 KB Download
Loan Application (revised 10-2021)PDF19.44 KB Download
Greeley Historic Register Nomination PacketPDF108.84 KB Download
Historic Preservation Design Review MinorPDF162.97 KB Download
Historic Preservation Design Review MajorPDF235.96 KB Download

Contact Us!

Historic Preservation

1100 10th St,
Greeley, CO 80631

Monday - Friday: 
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

970-350-9222 tel
970-350-9895 fax


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