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Windows Of Time

Greeley’s government access television channel, GTV8, worked with the Greeley Historic Preservation Commission to produce Windows of Time, a show about historic preservation in Greeley. The show is part of the Commission efforts to educate Greeley’s citizens about local history told through stories about people and historic buildings, sites, structures and objects with which they are associated. DVDs of these shows are available for purchase from the City of Greeley Historic Preservation Office for $10 each. 

We hope you enjoy the show and please give us input on these shows and ideas for future shows!

From the Volga to the Platte: Germans from Russia in Greeley 

Many Germans moved to Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries, then came to the United States for opportunity for a better life. Many came to Colorado, particularly to Greeley to work in the sugar beet fields and then on to other occupations. View this edition including interviews and many historic photos of Germans from Russia and their ancestors. Learn about their experiences coming to the US and after their arrival in Colorado, their work ethic, education, religion, culture and traditions, their lives during the World Wars, the Sunrise Park neighborhood where they lived in Greeley and their legacy which endures today. 

J.M.B. Petrikin and the Masonic Temple 

This episode highlights the Masonic Temple at 829 10th Avenue and one of the grand masters of the Lodge, J.M.B. Petrikin. Petrikin was a prominent local banker and local citizen who was the leader of the lodge when the current temple was built in 1927. It includes stories about Petrikin and his home on Inspiration Point and about the Masonic Temple , including footage inside the temple and historic photos. 

P.O.W. Camp 202 

The Pillars of P.O.W. Camp 202 are the subject of a historic preservation television show. The Prisoner of War Camp 202 episode relates the story of the World War II camp that existed west of Greeley from 1943-1946, the German prisoners, area farmers who worked with prisoners, local citizens and the only visible remains of Camp 202, the two stone pillars on the north side of Highway 34. On camera interviews reflect the relatively good relationship local residents, particularly farmers, had with the prisoners. One man has a bible box carved by a prisoner who was grateful for the good treatment he received as a prisoner. Excerpts of a letter from a prisoner are read detailing his experience. 

No. 3 Ditch 

The No. 3 Ditch episode traces the history of the ditch and highlights the importance of water and irrigation in the establishment of Greeley, specifically how Greeley’s early settlers created and used the No. 3 Ditch and impacts of the ditch today. The film starts at the headgate of the ditch and follows the path of the ditch through town, with interviews and narration along the route. It includes many on camera interviews related to the ditch’s history, irrigation and recreational uses of the ditch, historical legal issues, and the continued significance of the ditch today. 

We are looking for funding to produce another episode. We are also looking for ideas for another show topic. Please contact the Historic Preservation Office at 970.350.9222 if you have ideas for show topics or funding sources. Thank you!

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