Water and Sewer

We serve the City of Greeley by treating and distributing nearly 9 billion gallons of water every year with more than 500 miles of pipeline, two drinking water plants, a wastewater treatment plant, three treated water reservoirs, six raw water reservoirs, and a variety of pumping stations.

Ballot initiatives 2G and 2H

This November, voters will be asked to consider two changes to the city’s Home Rule Charter, which has successfully guided how the city manages the community’s water resources since 1958. The changes would make Greeley the only city in Colorado to require a special election to approve water management decisions the city considers to be routine.

The changes would require the city to hold elections on water-related matters, putting operational questions on the ballot that must pass by a majority of all registered voters, regardless of voter turnout to the elections. The changes could delay or suspend long-term water leases, limit the use of leases with farmers interested in selling their water now but not yet done farming, and limit Greeley’s position in the water purchasing market. The changes duplicate the state law that already requires a vote for any sale or trade of a waterworks or utility asset.  The changes also would require an election prior to using groundwater or recycled wastewater for drinking or irrigation (non-potable) use. The proposed changes would also require that an engineering study of the lease, sale or trade be performed and published at least sixty (60) days before the election. 

For more information, visit www.Greeleygov.com/YourGreeleyWater.

Leading Watershed Recovery

The Greeley Water and Sewer Department is leading the fight to prevent wildfire damage from affecting all of northern Colorado's drinking water. Read more here.

Greeley Water and Sewer Board

We are continuously engaged in vigorous and independent oversight of the department's strategic direction, budget, and operations. Find more information, including agendas and minutes, on the Greeley Water and Sewer Board page.

New! Bulk Water Station

The City of Greeley has opened its first Bulk Water Station, which allows developers and oil and gas companies to collect necessary water faster at one central point rather than tap from water hydrants across the city for their fracking or dust-control needs.

The Bulk Water Station is located at 535 1st Ave. in east Greeley and is equipped with a credit card machine to purchase water on site. Those who have registered with an account through Flowpoint, need only put in a PIN number to access necessary water.

Learn more here

Work for Greeley Water & Sewer

Are you looking for a job in the water and wastewater industry? 

The City of Greeley Water & Sewer Department has a wide variety of career opportunities.  Apply to join us to get a job that makes a difference.  

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