Broadview Park Playground Refresh

The aging public amenities at Broadview Park are being upgraded to better serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. The primary goal of this project is to build a new playground that fosters experience, growth, fun, and engagement for visitors. New restrooms and a picnic shelter will also be constructed at this time.

Thank you to the Broadview neighborhood and Greeley residents for completing our recent Broadview survey. Nearly 100 of you shared your hopes for the future of Broadview Park.  So, now what? The survey results are being used to guide the design and creation of the new playground. Once complete, the design plans will be shared here. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see the new and innovative Broadview Park.

Shelter Restroom Demo 6.21.21 small


June 22 - Broadview Park will see construction fencing around the existing shelter/restroom starting June 22. City crew will be tearing down the old shelter and restroom in preparation for a new shelter and restroom as part of the Broadview Park Playground Refresh. Once the demolition is complete, the hole will be filled and fencing will remain for safety. The existing playground will still be accessible for residents.  The perimeter sidewalks should not be affected.

What work is being done and where?

• The existing Broadview Park playground equipment will be removed and replaced with newer, innovative, and more accessible play features. 
• The existing picnic shelter, with attached restrooms, will be removed.
• A new restroom will be constructed on the east side of Broadview Park near the previous location.
• A new picnic shelter will be constructed on the east side of the park near the playground.
• There are no improvements planned for the baseball and soccer fields on the west side of the park at this time.


Q: What is being done? Why?

A: The existing Broadview Park playground equipment will be removed. New playground equipment will be installed in the existing playground footprint. The existing picnic structure, with attached restrooms, will also be removed. New restrooms and a picnic shelter will be constructed on the east side of the park.

The City of Greeley budgets for regular upgrades to aging amenities in our neighborhood parks. The upgrades planned for Broadview Park will provide users with a more enjoyable park experience.

Q: Is the playground size shrinking or getting larger?

A: Safety standards, accessibility, age ranges and budget are just a few of the many factors that contribute to playground layout. The new playground layout will maximize the space within the existing footprint and likely not extend beyond the current boundary.

Q: Will construction affect youth sports?

A: No. Construction will be limited to the east side of the park and will not affect practices or events on the west side of the park.

Q: How long is construction going to last?

A: Construction is planned to begin approximately May of 2021 and is expected to be completed in October of 2021. During this time, the picnic shelter and restrooms will be closed to the public.

Q: Will there be any street closures?

A: No, closing nearby streets is not necessary for this project.

Q: How is this project being paid for?

A: The picnic shelter and restroom are funded through the City’s Food Tax for capital improvements. The playground refresh is funded through the Quality of Life/Imagine Greeley fund.

Project Timeline

  • Spring 2021 – Begin demolition of old shelter and construction of new picnic shelter and restroom.
  • May/June – Demolition of old playground. Construction of new playground
  • Fall 2021 – Construction complete

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