Greeley West Park Playground Refresh

The playground at Greeley West Park is being upgraded to better serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. The primary goal of this project is to build a new playground that fosters experience, growth, fun and engagement for visitors.

October 2022

The City of Greeley Parks Division is excited to announce the completion of Greeley West Park's playground refresh project.

“We're delighted to have this new playground finished for the community. The neighbors here really needed it. And at the same time, it’s so neat to see residents from across the city treat this like a destination playground. You can’t blame them. This park is beautiful and now it has an awesome playground too.” said Anders, City of Greeley parks planner. “Everyone involved with the design and construction of this project took a lot of pride in what they were doing. That’s because we all knew the community really needed a high-quality, more inclusive playground. I would like to give a shoutout to our Parks staff, and a huge thank you for their efforts! Toward the end of the project, we struggled to find available contractors to finish the sod and irrigation repairs. Our Park staff stepped up and helped me finish this project with zero delays so that the neighbors could start enjoying it right away. Our staff work incredibly hard and take a lot of pride in maintaining our city’s parks. Helping finish this project was just one of many examples of them going above and beyond.”

What Was Done

To prepare and accommodate the vision of the new playground, the following steps were taken:

  • Neighborhood-wide survey requesting input for play features;
  • Removal of the old picnic shelter and play equipment;
  • Expansion of the playground footprint to accommodate play amenities for all ages;
  • The addition of newer, innovative, and more accessible play features, including swings, climbers, slides, and spinners;
  • Additional shade and seating around the playground;
  • Improved drainage throughout the playground footprint;
  • New sidewalks around the playground with direct access to the parking lot.

“This new playground is so much fun for our kids to explore, even when it’s cold,” said a local mom.

There are so many areas to examine, investigate, and delve into at the new Greeley West Park playground, residents and visitors will reap the benefits for years to come.

photo of Greeley West Park playground slide

July 2022

Construction has been underway at the Greeley West Park Playground throughout the summer. As part of the refresh project, new play features have been installed and tested by some enthusiastic visitors. There are still a few items on the list to complete to finalize things, like adding sod in certain areas, but the Culture, Parks and Recreation staff are almost done. Here's a look at some of the playground features that were added to the park, come explore!

Playground Progress

Photos in slideshow below are thanks to Colleen Samson, Light in the Moment Photography, Momma Days Childcare, LLC.

May 2022

In the survey conducted last year, residents and visitors suggested having the following elements added to the playground refresh project: swings, slides, shade areas, and more climbing features. The City of Greeley Parks Division is excited to start construction and bring a fun new playground to the neighborhood for Summer 2022. Expect to see crews out on-site the second week of May starting the demolition. It'll be an action-packed construction schedule for May and June, but our Parks staff promises it will be worth the wait!

Construction Rendering

Greeley West Playground refresh rendering

Fall 2021

Thank you to the Greeley West Park neighborhood and residents for completing our recent Greeley West Park Playground Refresh survey. Over 213 of you shared your hopes for the future of Greeley West Park. So, now what? The survey results are being used to guide the design and creation of the new playground. Once complete, the design plans will be shared here. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see the new and innovative Greeley West Park.

What Work is Being Done and Where?

  • The existing playground equipment will be removed and replaced with newer, innovative and more accessible play features.
  • The playground footprint will expand to allow for more/larger play equipment.
  • The existing picnic shelter will either be relocated or replaced near the new playground.
  • The natural area and turf area of Greeley West Park will remain unchanged.
  • There are no plans to add a restroom at Greeley West Park at this time.
  • Restriping of the parking lot is planned for next year, after playground improvements.


Q: What is being done? Why?

A: The existing playground equipment and safety surfacing will be removed. The playground footprint will be enlarged and new play equipment will be installed. The City of Greeley budgets for regular upgrades to aging amenities in our neighborhood parks. The upgrades planned for Greeley West Park will provide users with a more enjoyable park experience.

Q: Is the playground size shrinking or getting larger?

A: The new playground will be in the same location as the existing one, but with a larger footprint. We plan on relocating/replacing the existing shade structure to create more space for play equipment.

Q: Will the rest of the park stay open during construction?

A: Yes. Construction will be limited to the playground and parking lot area. Other sidewalks and open space in the park will not be affected.

Q: How long is construction going to last?

A: Construction is planned to begin approximately Fall of 2021. Construction is expected to last 60-90 days.

Q: Will there be any street closures?

A: No, closing nearby streets is not necessary for this project.

Project Timeline

  • Fall 2021 – Begin demolition of old playground
  • Spring 2022 – Construction of new playground
  • Summer 2022 – Construction complete

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Parks Office: 970-336-4180