Greeley West Park Playground Refresh

The playground at Greeley West Park is being upgraded to better serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. The primary goal of this project is to build a new playground that fosters experience, growth, fun and engagement for visitors.

You Dream It - We Built It

We want to hear your thoughts on new playground equipment at Greeley West Park. Take this short survey, and be sure to have your kids help with the answers.

What work is being done and where?

  • The existing playground equipment will be removed and replaced with newer, innovative and more accessible play features.
  • The playground footprint will expand to allow for more/larger play equipment.
  • The existing picnic shelter will either be relocated or replaced near the new playground.
  • The natural area and turf area of Greeley West Park will remain unchanged.
  • There are no plans to add a restroom at Greeley West Park at this time.
  • Restriping of the parking lot is planned for next year, after playground improvements.


Q: What is being done? Why?

A: The existing playground equipment and safety surfacing will be removed. The playground footprint will be enlarged and new play equipment will be installed.

The City of Greeley budgets for regular upgrades to aging amenities in our neighborhood parks. The upgrades planned for Greeley West Park will provide users with a more enjoyable park experience.

Q: Is the playground size shrinking or getting larger?

A: The new playground will be in the same location as the existing one, but with a larger footprint. We plan on relocating/replacing the existing shade structure to create more space for play equipment.

Q: Will the rest of the park stay open during construction?

A: Yes. Construction will be limited to the playground and parking lot area. Other sidewalks and open space in the park will not be affected.

Q: How long is construction going to last?

A: Construction is planned to begin approximately Fall of 2021. Construction is expected to last 60-90 days.

Q: Will there be any street closures?

A: No, closing nearby streets is not necessary for this project.

Project Timeline

  • Summer 2021 – Begin demolition of old playground
  • July/August – Construction of new playground
  • Fall 2021 – Construction complete

Contact Us

Parks Office: 970-336-4180