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Quick Guide to City Services

Missing street address on structureGreeley Fire Department 970-350-9510
At-large, neglected, abusedGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
Domestic, Dead, in roadGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
Wild, Dead, in roadPublic WorksStreets970-350-9336
Feces, private property, livestock, or nuisanceCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Buildings, Dangerous   
Blocked exits, damaged, exposed to elements, placarded as unsafe, or standing open, floodingCommunity DevelopmentBuilding Inspection970-350-9830
Evidence of Fire DamageGreeley Fire Department 970-350-9510
Potential Meth LabWeld County Task Force 970-353-0193
Vacant, standing openGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
City Council   
Meeting dates, times, public inputCity Clerk's Office 970-350-9740
Couches, Furniture   
Outside, not on an enclosed porchCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Outside, in alleys, public right-of-wayPublic WorksStreets970-350-9336
Detention Ponds   
Blocked inlets, trash, mosquitoesPublic WorksInfrastructure Services970-350-9336
Dust, Blowing   
Construction relatedPublic WorksStormwater970-336-9881
General, property specificCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Farmers' Market   
Farmers' MarketCulture Parks and Recreation 970-336-4219
Graffiti - Outside   
Graffiti - OutsidePublic Works 970-350-9336
Hazardous Materials   
Waste oil, chemicals, unknown source, or suspected hazardousWeld County Environmental Health 970-304-6415
Historic Preservation   
Historic PreservationCommunity DevelopmentHistoric Preservation970-350-9222
Home Occupations   
RulesCommunity Development 970-350-9780
Violations—use of garage, vehicles, employees on site, signsCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Home Over-Occupied   
More than one family, overcrowdingCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Damaged/leakingWater and Sewer 970-350-9320
ObstructedGreeley Fire Department 970-350-9510
Intoxicated Person   
Intoxicated PersonGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
Liquor Code Violation   
Liquor Code ViolationGreeley Police DepartmentLiquor Enforcement970-350-9674
Natural Areas   
Weeds, wildlife, trashNatural Areas & Trails 970-350-9205
Neighborhood Enhancements   
Community Gardens, Community Mediation, and Neighbor LaborNeighborhood Resource Office 970-336-4167
Construction, site based noise, trash trucks prior to 7a.m., or parties, music, or vehiclesGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
Odor Hotline   
Offensive outdoor, M-F, 8am-5pmCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9831
Aggressive, more than one, in right of wayGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
General informationCulture Parks and Recreation 970-350-9390
Reserve a park shelter/parkCulture Parks and RecreationRecreation970-350-9400,
Rental of Island Grove Regional Park/FacilitiesCulture Parks and RecreationIsland Grove Regional Park970-350-9392
PrivateCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Traffic, illegible, or damagedPublic WorksInfrastructure Services970-350-9336
Safety or Advisory—stop, yield, etc.Public WorksInfrastructure Services970-350-9336
Snow or Ice   
Bus stopsTransit 970-350-9290
Sidewalks, private propertyCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Special Events   
Using City StreetsCity Clerk's OfficeCity Clerk's Office970-350-4740
Street Conditions   
Potholes; curb, gutter, sidewalk disrepair/hazardsPublic WorksEngineering970-350-9881
Out, malfunctioningPublic WorksInfrastructure Services970-350-9336
Threats, Suspicious Activity   
Immediate threat to persons, propertyGreeley Police Department 911
Traffic Lights   
Out, malfunctioningPublic WorksTraffic970-350-9336
After hoursGreeley Police DepartmentDispatch970-350-9600
City and Poudre trails, trash, hazards, weeds, etcCulture Parks and RecreationNatural Areas & Trails970-350-9205
Poudre Trail, volunteer, events, donatePoudre River Trail 970-336-4044
Trash or Refuse   
Outside, on private propertyCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Outside, in alleys, public right-of-wayPublic WorksStreets970-350-9336
Trees or Vegetation, Dangerous   
Views / paths obstructed, diseasedCulture Parks and RecreationForestry or Natural Areas & Trails970-351-5150
Removal / installation in right-of-wayCulture Parks and RecreationForestry or Natural Areas & Trails970-351-5150
Dangerous Limbs / TreesCulture Parks and RecreationForestry or Natural Areas & Trails970-351-5150
Vehicles and Parking   
In Fire LanePublic WorksParking970-350-9641
Inoperable, unlicensed, abandoned (private property), RVs, boats in front yards (non commercial), cars parked on landscaping/front yards, oversized- private propertyCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
On-street inoperable, unlicensed, abandonedPublic WorksParking970-350-9641
Oversized vehicles—on street or right-of-way, trailers - detached on streetPublic WorksParking970-350-9641
Vending Machines   
Residential areas with public accessCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Water and Sewer   
General QuestionsWater and Sewer 970-350-9801
Water Emergencies: 7am-3pmWater and Sewer 970-350-9320
Sewer Emergencies: 7am-3pmWater and Sewer 970-350-9322
After Hours EmergenciesWater and Sewer 970-616-6260
Water PressureWater and Sewer 970-350-9320
Water Taste and OdorWater and Sewer 970-350-9836
Water BudgetWater and Sewer 970-336-4168
Water BillingWater and Sewer 970-350-9811 (dial option 2)
Start or Stop Water ServiceWater and Sewer 970-350-9811 (dial option 3)
Water Meter InformationWater and Sewer 970-350-9811 (dial option 1)
Utility Line Locates  8-1-1
Watering at wrong time / dayWater and SewerConservation970-350-9801
Report a spill/illicit dischargePublic WorksStormwater970-336-9881
Weeds and Yard Waste   
Outside, on private propertyCommunity DevelopmentCode Compliance970-350-9833
Outside, in alleys, public right-of-wayPublic WorksInfrastructure Services970-350-9336
Additional Resources   
Emergency/Dispatch 9-1-1Greeley Police Department 911
Greeley Police Department Non-Emergency/GeneralGreeley Police Department 970-350-9600
Greeley Fire Department after hoursGreeley Fire Department 970-350-9600
(Dispatch) 970-330-9504
United Way Resources/Referrals  211
Register for emergency notifications & alert  www.weld911alert.com